Many people love testing their mind with an optical illusion.

However, Reddit users say they've been left 'f**ked up' by one particular mind-bending snap of a bird.

The photo, which was taken by photographer Keinichi Ohno appears to be a picture of a bird overlaid on two different backgrounds.

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However, surprisingly it's just one single image.

Many Reddit users were unable to comprehend that they're looking at one real image instead of two backgrounds,

In fact, the picture shows the bird standing at the edge of some water with a wall and its reflection – which creates the fascinating optical illusion.

The illusion has gone viral on Reddit, racking up more than 720,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments.

"Took me a while for my brain to process this, really cool," wrote one.

"While another added: "My brain couldn't decipher this."

A third chimed in: " Took me a while to see whats going on."

While a fourth added: "It’s funny it took my brain a long time to see anything besides a reflected wall in the water. Now after finally seeing the visual confusion, it is hard to see it again now like that."

A fifth also said: "Interestingly because our eyes are drawn to the bird, our perspective gets all f**ked up. But if you look at top of the picture where the left edge of the wall meets the edge of the picture, our perspective changes and our brain is able to process it correctly!"

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