A BIZARRE new symptom of Covid left a model feeling “feral”.

Olivia Molly Rogers, former Miss Universe contestant, told her 175,000 Instagram followers that she’d experienced the “most random” side effect of the virus.

The Australian native said she had been non-stop burping since her diagnosis.

She wrote on her Instagram story: "I have the most random (but kind of funny) symptom. I can’t stop burping. 

“I googled it and apparently it’s part of the gastrointestinal symptoms of Covid, not that common though. Has anyone else had this with Covid?"

A poll of her followers revealed that some 16 per cent had also been burping a lot more than usual during Covid.

The model, 29, had tested positive after her partner Justin was struck with the virus, as cases in Australia surge.

Once a PCR Covid test came back positive she penned: "Good to know my consistent burping wasn’t just me being a bit feral."

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Olivia said that over the course of her disease progression she’d also experienced a lack of appetite and nausea, and admitted food was going “straight through her”.

She also suffered a headache, a sore throat, dizziness and “itchy eyes” while waiting for her positive test result to come back.

Covid has historically caused respiratory symptoms, such as a cough, and more recently cold-like symptoms.

But the virus has proven to affect people in more niche ways, including by upsetting the  gastrointestinal system.

Lack of appetite, smell or taste are most common, with diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting also reported by some.

Belching is one of the much rarer gastrointestinal symptoms, alongside acid reflux, indigestion and colitis, reports MedicalNewsToday.

In some people it can last for several weeks as part of long Covid, research has shown.

A study highlighted by researchers in the Lancet medical journal found 44 per cent of hospital patients from China had stomach-related problems three months after their discharge. 

Of the 117 patients studied, one in ten had more burpring than before.

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