Bless my sole: How I make a living from my enormous feet

Ryan didn’t always love his size 15 feet. 

He was bullied at school, made homeless at 17 and used to feel embarrassed about how massive they are. But when a stranger approached him one day and asked to buy his sock for £90, he realised he was standing on a gold mine. 

Talking on the latest episode of’s Smut Drop podcast, Ryan recalls: ‘I thought – I would have to work how many hours for that? Maybe there’s something in this!’ 

Ryan initially tried escorting, but soon found he preferred the power and control of domination, and now sees a series of clients for one-to-one sessions and makes money online. 

Known as the UK Bigfoot Dom or UK Bigfoot Master, he tells Smut Drop’s host Mirand Kane that one of his income streams comes from selling old used shoes; Ryan can buy a pair of Nike trainers for £90, wear them for a few months, and sell them for £250.

He also enjoys a bit of trampling on clients with his feet and a the odd CBT session. This, for the uninitiated, does not stand for ‘cognitive behavioural therapy’…

Ryan says foot fetishes are now becoming much more mainstream, with Love Island contestants Luca Bish and Toby Aromolaran enjoying a full foot suck. (Say it carefully.)

Because of his unique shoe size, Ryan has also ventured into macrophilia videos; films that play into fetishists’ dreams of being tiny. With clever camera angles and tinsy winsy props, he can transform himself into as a giant to turn on his viewers. 

‘I’ll stomp on toy cars, or cardboard houses and stuff like that,’ he explains.

‘It’s so much fun. You pick people up and you pretend to eat them, or my favourite thing is putting them into a cereal bowl and picking them up on the spoons. I absolutely love that someone is having a good old w*** over that.

Even though I might only see that person for an hour or two, they are paying money to be with me and to love the bits that I used to hate.

‘And now the bits that I hated pay my bills and my rent.

‘The size of my feet used to bring me down. But now I’ve now built up a client base with all different kinks and fetishes.

‘I love my feet. And I love my body and I love my personality – that’s because of all the fetishes and kinks.’

Ryan’s three most memorable dom requests

Warning: The following is, as you might imagine, not safe for work.

‘One client wanted something called barbecued willy. I thought he’d want me to put his willy in the George Foreman [Grill] or something like that. But he wanted a fork to be lit under a lighter, and then for [his penis] to be touched with it. His willy looked like a Whopper meal by the end of it. That wasn’t for me. 

‘Recently, I was dressed up as Billy the puppet from the Saw films. I was wearing the mask and the hair and I just had my feet out because the guy has a fascination with that puppet. He just wants to have a w*** over that puppet’s feet. Good on him.

‘Once, someone asked me to eat as much asparagus as possible, and to urinate in their mouth. But I don’t think they realise how bad the smell was going to be. He was gagging. I was gagging. And I said to him after, “why asparagus?” He said: “Well, I just thought it would spice it up.”’ 

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