A man was left panicking when he saw his dentist "searching for tutorials" during his appointment.

Valentine went viral on TikTok earlier this month as he shared his worries to viewers.

"I came to the dentist in Mexico and they started watching a tutorial before they fixed my tooth," he said in the video, which showed the YouTube app on the television in the appointment room.

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Then he turned the camera to show him sitting on the dental chair and wearing a mouth opener.

Viewers were divided as some refused to believe the dentist was looking for instructions online.

"This is cap, I know they were putting some fire music," one said.

Another joked: "Did they make you to watch the commercials or did they skip it for you?"

"Even if I knew how to do it, I would still play that just to scare my patients a bit," a third teased.

But others recalled their experiences of getting treatments in Mexico – and many were scarred for life.

A TikToker commented: "Never again will I get dental work in Mexico, they did my root canal on the wrong tooth."

"Honestly, I'm already scared of going to the dentist, this is my worst nightmare," a second wrote.

A person defended the dentist, saying: "People need to realise there are over 100 plus medical procedures.

"Every now and then we do have to go look at videos to remind us how to do things."

Others, however, believed the dentist was trying to explain their procedure by showing the video on the television, rather than "jogging their memories".

One said: "They are showing you what they are about to do, they do that at my dentist."

Valentine replied to the comment and said: "Correct."


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