Bride left heartbroken after her friend leaks a picture of her dress

Bride left heartbroken after her friend posts a photo of her wedding dress on social media BEFORE her big day

  • UK-based wedding planners reveal the details of the shocking incident 
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A bride-to-be’s wedding dress reveal was spoiled after her friend shared a snap of her in the frock on social media before the special day. 

In the latest episode of the Unfiltered Bride podcast, host Georgie Mitchell – who is a professional UK wedding planner – and co-host Bethany Smith discussed a story that they had been told through a direct message. 

Georgie relayed the information that the bride’s friend had leaked a picture of her wedding dress prior to the big day. 

The brides so-called pal shared a collage of photographs to mark her birthday, but one of them showed her trying on her wedding dress before the wedding had even happened. 

The hosts could not quite believe the wedding drama, and they branded it ‘horrendous’ as seen in a clip on TikTok. 

Hosts Georgie Mitchell and Bethany Smith discussed an incident where a bride had her wedding dress shared on social media before the special day (stock image) 

Georgie said: ‘So a girl sent me a DM and was like I finally have a b***** from a bride.

‘She sent me a screenshot. It was of one of her friends, this is pre her wedding. 

‘You know when you do a collage of somebody’s birthday with loads of different pictures [she posted one of] of her trying on her wedding dress.’ 

At first, Georgie’s co-host Beth – who runs the business Etiquette Events styling – could not believe what she was hearing. 

Bethany replied: ‘What, and posted it?’ 

Georgie quickly confirmed that the friend did indeed post a snap of the wedding dress. 

Georgie said: ‘[She posted it] on their stories, tagged them, and had like pictures from loads of different key moments in their life and then one of her trying on her wedding dress.

‘The wedding dress that she is going to be wearing for her wedding.’ 

Georgie told listeners that the image was shared in a collage posted for the bride-to-be’s birthday, both hosts quickly branded the incident ‘horrendous’ 

Bethany was in denial, but Georgie concluded: ‘How f****** horrendous is that?’

Georgie explained how the bride responded to the awkward situation and said: ‘I think she just messaged and was like, “Get that f****** photo off.”‘ 

Hosts Georgie and Bethany often give unique insights into the wedding industry on their podcast, and earlier this month they revealed the real reason as to why you should never wear red to a wedding. 

The wedding planners told listeners that wearing the bold colour ‘means you’ve slept with the groom’.

‘Old Wives’ Tale but yeah,’ Georgie explained.

Both also agreed that the shade may be seen as an attempt to catch attention away from the bride.

‘I feel like red can seen as like quite sexy,’ Bethany added. ‘Naughty.’

Georgie also said that the hue can feel ‘a bit ‘look at me” but also wouldn’t rule out red as a colour if you’re thinking of wearing it as a guest – as it ‘depends on the dress’.

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