A bride shocked her guests when she asked to pause her wedding ceremony after discovering that she'd had a wardrobe malfunction.

TikTok creator and newlywed Becky Jeffries ( @jetsetbecks ) realised that half of her wedding dress was missing right before she was about to exchange vows.

In the video, which has more than 28.4 million views, she said "umm pause for a moment" before explaining that her worst nightmare had come true.

Speaking to her guests, she said: "I just realised when I got to the end of the aisle that I'm missing half of my wedding dress, maybe I could put it on now?

"I'm not kidding, two nights ago I had a dream that I did this, that I walked down the aisle without it."

Captioning the moment which caused panic among her guests, she wrote: "Me in the middle of my wedding ceremony realising I'd made a terrible mistake."

TikTok users were in hysterics at the panic-stricken look on the groom's face, as one user said: "He freaked out lmaoo. You can see the groom visibly sighing with relief."

Another added: "Do you think the groom's heart stopped for a second?!"

"I just know everyone's hearts skipped a beat when you said that," a third wrote.

A woman then rushed to clip the missing piece of her skirt before the wedding was able to resume – leaving people to wonder how the bridal party didn't notice the mistake beforehand.

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But the bride claims she didn't have bridesmaids and her friends were rushed to their seats on arrival.

She explained: "I didn’t have bridesmaids! When my girls and I arrived at the wedding, our planner hurried them to go sit down and it all happened in a flash."

Becky and her husband are now happily married and the rest of the wedding went ahead with no further interruptions.

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