Brit blokes left in stitches at memorial bench for those fed-up shopping

Going shopping is not to the taste of everyone.

Carrying bags of goods around a busy town centre is a dream for some – but a living nightmare for others.

So it is not uncommon to see a bloke sitting down wherever he can while his partner scours the store floor for the latest bargain.

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It's not hard to spot a fed-up man in public perched on the likes of stools, edges of displays and benches.

Often you will see them with their faces stuck into a phone screen to desperately stare the time away.

And so, to honour those who have sustained a lengthy period of waiting for their partners, a bench has been erected to mark the ordeal which is experienced by many.

Twitter meme account No Context Brits shared a photo of the wooden public seat with a special commemorative plaque on.

Screwed onto the chair a message read: "This bench is dedicated to the men who lost the will to live while following their partners around the shoe shops of Chester."

It was not a surprise that many blokes related to the bench dedicated to the fallen men dragged along for shopping trips.

One person giggled: "They will not be forgotten."

Another user mocked: "Obviously dedicated to those who couldn’t last until the smart phone era.


While a third voiced: "This is my bench."

Someone else quipped: "Those poor men…"

Meanwhile, a fifth admitted: "I have been that man."

This isn't the first time Brits have been left giggling. Previously, many were left in stitches over a Percy Pig costume that looked ruder intended.

Lets just say that his tail looked rather happy to see customers…


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