A Brit explained to 'baffled' Americans why Liz Truss went head to head with a lettuce – and lost.

Yes, that's right.

If you haven't heard already the Daily Star 60p lettuce outlasted the Prime Minister after she handed in her resignation today (October 20).

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Now, relations between our friends across the pond have been a little murky on the internet of recent.

Remember how one American was left in hysterical laughter after realising Brits put beans on toast?

The mockery quickly turned tables when 'dishwasher salmon' came to light.

However, the stand off between Liz and the lettuce has brought the lands of the 'great' and 'free' back together in harmony.

British TikTok user known as Primal Empress decided to enlighten her 104,000 followers – many American – about the goings on of the last seven days.

She shared: "So I appreciate that I have a lot of American followers and quite often you'll ask me questions about being British.

"I would like to show you the most British thing that is happening in Britain right about now.

"There is a live stream currently on YouTube which shows a picture of the Prime Minister and a lettuce."

To help the Americans understand, the TikTok user shared a snap of the live stream at the day four point which saw the lettuce with a bottle of Iron Bru.

"There has been such a kerfuffle within the Conservative Party and so many changing Prime Ministers that Britain wants to know if this lettuce is going to go rotten before we get a new Prime Minister", she explained.

In a wild turn of events, Americans have now offered a olive branch (or lettuce leaf) out to Brits.

One person commented: "This is hysterical – love, American follower."

This American praised: "And this is why I love the British."

While a third voiced: "This is the best thing I've seen in my life."

Someone else admitted: "American, but I'm with the lettuce."

Meanwhile, a fifth noted: "That is very British."

And, this American simply said: "I'm confused."

Truly unbe-leafable…


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