Britain’s first sex shop for cancer survivors launches online, selling products and toys that combat side-effects of chemo including erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness

  • Sex With Cancer provides products for those ‘living with and beyond cancer’
  • Online store targets problems caused by surgeries, chemo and radiotherapy
  • Founded by artists and former cancer patients Brian Lobel and Joon-Lynn Goh 

Two cancer survivors have launched Britain’s first sex shop designed for those ‘living with and beyond cancer’ online. 

Sex With Cancer was founded by artists and former cancer patients, Brian Lobel and Joon-Lynn Goh – both of whom have overcome cancer – in a bid to cater to the specific needs of those with the illness. 

Cultural organiser and artist Joon-Lynn underwent breast cancer treatment in 2018 while cancer care and patient advocate Brian was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was 20 and has been cancer-free for 19 years. 

Created in partnership with London-based store Sh! Womens Emporium and a group of patients, nurses, psychosexual therapists and sex-toy specialists, the products on offer aim to provide ‘the maximum versatility and pleasure possible.’  

Cancer survivors Brian Lobel (far left) and Joon-Lynn Goh (second from right) have launched Britain’s first sex shop designed for those ‘living with and beyond cancer’ online. Pictured far right, shop curator Toni Lewis. Pictured second from left, marketing manager Rasheed Rahman

Elsewhere on the team is shop curator Toni Lewis, an artist and sexual pleasure activist as well as marketing manager Rasheed Rahman. 

The products were developed after the team collated over 200 questions about sex cancer patients and survivors were curious about.

The products and sexual aids are designed to tackle problems caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy such as exhaustion, weight changes, low libido, erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and heightened infection risks.  

They tackle surgeries, which can result in scars or loss of body parts, as well as the emotional trauma faced by those living with cancer which may make sex seem less desirable. 

The products were created in partnership with London-based store Sh! Womens Emporium and a group of patients, nurses, psychosexual therapists and sex-toy specialists

Products include a prostate and perineum massager for men suffering with chronic fatigue and a wand massager suitable for those experiencing chronic pain or fatigue.

The shop also includes a clitoral suction toy offering an alternative to penetrative toys that may aggravate conditions caused by cancer treatments such as vaginismus and a vibrator providing pleasure where there may be loss of sensation. 

A statement on their website reads: ‘There’s a dominant national cancer dialogue promoting ‘getting back to normal’ instead of ‘loving a body’s new normal’, and barriers to promoting the use of sex toys (which are not medically tested so cannot be formally recommend by doctors). 

‘All this leads to overly-medicalised information, scared patients, nervous doctors, and lots of missed opportunities for good sex and meaningful intimacy – with others and yourself.

‘Sex with Cancer aims to, shall we say, lubricate these difficult conversations by centring patients and their admirers, and drawing on sex-positive professional expertise. We believe information promotes confidence, and confidence is sexy!’ 

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