‘Britain’s most hated woman’ plans to charge guests £3k to attend £40k wedding

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A mum who has been dubbed the most hated woman in Britain is planning a huge wedding – but you'll have to pay to attend.

Former glamour model Carla Bellucci, 40, hit headlines for admitting to fake depression for a free £7,000 nose job on the NHS.

And now to spark more controversy, the mum-of-four has revealed guests will be charged to attend her wedding to Giovanni, 52.

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But while most nuptials can be expensive to plan, Carla is hoping to save money along the way by making friends and family pay up.

She wants people to pay around £100 to attend, as well as £2,000 on flights and accommodation to the big day in Cape Verde.

Carla, from Hertfordshire, said: "I want the best of everything. But I don't want to end up bankrupt!

"So I've told my 30 guests they have to contribute £100 each, so we can save a bit of money.

"So far they've agreed! And I'm also managing to save money with collaborations.

"I love the fact I'll have my dream wedding and other people will be paying for it.

"Once again I'm having the last laugh by getting what I want without having to shell out too much of my own money."

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She said it'll be worth it as it's the same price as West End theatre tickets, but more interesting.

Speaking about the details, Carla added: "I'm planning on arriving on a white horse and I can't wait to be the centre of attention.

"I know people will be shocked at the idea of it – but I'm not forcing my guests to come.

"But if they do, it's my world and my rules and they'll need to cough up."

Carla, who rakes in £5,000 a month from OnlyFans, has already booked the five-star Hilton hotel for her special day.

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She's planning on having canapés and champagne after the beach ceremony followed by a sit-down dinner.

The mum gushed: "It's going to be the best wedding ever. I was married before when I was only 19 and it was a tiny affair.

"This time round I'm determined to have everything a woman could ever dream of.

"I'll have six bridesmaids, beach decorations, loads of flowers everywhere, free flowing champagne and fireworks.

"I'm glad Giovanni proposed when he did, so I'll be a hot bride, there's nothing worse than an old hag walking down the aisle."

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Her engagement ring cost £6,000 and she's ordered a made to measure princess wedding dress which is around £6,000.

She did managed to nab a 15% discount on her dress after haggling the price down.

And Carla insists she "won't let herself go" once she's tied the knot.

She continued: "When women do, that's when their husbands subscribe to my OnlyFans account.

"If men are happy with their wives they don't need to look at me in my sexy lingerie."

She concluded: "I love my fiancé and like to keep him happy – looking good goes a long way to doing that.

"And spending time with him alone. I make sure we have a date night once a week.

"We also go on luxury holidays without the kids, which I get trolled for, especially leaving behind Blue.

"I'll pack them back to England after my wedding so Giovanni and I can enjoy our honeymoon too.

"This is my last wedding and I'm going to make the most of it."


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