Britney Spears lookalike shows what he looked like before £100k plastic surgery

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    A Britney Spears super-fan revealed how he looked before spending more than £100,000 on plastic surgery.

    Bryan Ray was just 17 when his Baby One More Time makeover started – with veneers to replicate the superstar's smile.

    That procedure cost $25,000 (£22,200) but he has since spent approximately £100,000 on two rhinoplasties, cheek facial implants, soft tissue and lip augmentation and an eyelid lift.

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    The 35-year-old has since spent two decades getting dozens of procedures to look like the pop legend.

    But what did he used to look like before going under the knife?

    After sharing throwback photos with the Daily Star, he said: “When I look back at the pictures before, I feel really proud.

    “I get a feeling of excitement because I embarked on a journey of self discovery and artistic expression.

    “I think it’s so important to follow your heart and dreams and do what makes you happy.

    “When I look back I see in a sense that I have been very much like a chameleon. I’ve played and crossed the boundaries of masculine and feminine in my look.

    “That’s because I truly believe there shouldn’t be any boundaries. I should be able to express myself in both a masculine way or a feminine way and everything in between.”

    One of Bryan’s first memories of Britney Spears was her VMAs performance in 2000 where she sang Oops!…. I Did It Again.

    And seeing her on stage inspired him to want to replicate the singer’s aesthetic.

    Bryan, who is based in LA and runs a marijuana edible company, believes his dramatic alterations can also inspire younger people.

    He explained: “One of those things that inspired me and pushed me to sort of blur those lines [between masculinity and femininity] was I wanted the younger generation to know it’s OK to be creative and you don’t have to label yourself if you don’t want to.

    “You can do things that are unconventional and you can express yourself in a way that’s really fulfilling and doesn’t harm anyone.

    “So I’m really proud when I look at old photos and I hope that maybe I can inspire someone, a younger person, who is having similar feelings that I had to follow their dreams and to take the road even if it seems a little unconventional.”

    Bryan, who also performs in clubs as a Britney impersonator, maintains his look by getting Botox and fillers every six months while also having regular hair removal surgery on his face and body.

    But he is now going to extremes by risking blindness to get eye colour surgery that is banned in America.

    He wants to travel overseas for the dangerous laser procedure to turn his dark eyes into a shade of hazel.

    And despite emulating Britney for almost 20 years, Bryan has no intentions of ever calling it quits.

    He said: “There are many reasons why I’ve been so drawn to her. I do think she is absolutely beautiful and it was her smile originally that I thought was undeniably gorgeous.

    “That’s what led me down the road to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. I think there is something so important about a person’s smile and I’m not saying every person has to have perfect teeth or the straightest teeth.

    “I would see Britney in interviews and magazines and in her performances her smiling made me happy. I think it is infectious.”

    Bryan added: “I’m also really drawn to her as a person in the public eye over two decades and how she has carried herself through personal things and professional things.

    “I think the way she has conducted herself has been with class and dignity and elegance.

    “Those are all things that make her the perfect package regardless of her physical beauty.”


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