Brooklyn Beckham has been mocked for not having a “real” job and benefiting from his family’s nepotism.

But as per to a recent report, the celebrity is making his own money thanks to huge brand collaborations. In this sense, Brooklyn is directly benefiting from his famous name, or more specifically, his large social media following.

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According to the Daily Mail, Brooklyn made $5 million in one year thanks to brand deals. He’s worked with huge brands like “Tiffany & Co, Pepe Jeans and BMW” to star in campaigns as well as promote their products online.

In the last year, Brooklyn has featured brands like Silk Nextmilk’s plant-based milk, Wendy’s fast food chain, and WESAKE, a sake brand, on his social media accounts.

Sources also told the publication that Brooklyn earns revenue through his cooking show. Brooklyn launched the show – Cookin’ with Brooklyn – in 2021, and each episode costs approximately $100,000 to make. He was initially criticized for the gig since he had no prior culinary experience.

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He received backlash again in August 2022 when he said “I’m a chef” in response to a question about what he does for a living, which was posed in TikToker Daniel Mac’s “What Do You Do For A Living?” series.

“Are you, like, the best chef in the world?” the TikToker asked Brooklyn, to which he replied, “Trying to be.”

Brooklyn then proceeded to drive away in his sports car, a red McLaren P1, one of the rarest cars in the world and valued at $1.2 million. Some comments on the TikTok claimed Brooklyn would’ve never been able to afford the car if it wasn’t for his family’s wealth.

“Born into a multimillionaire family and now married a billionaire’s daughter. But he’s a chef!!” one comment read.

A different one stated, “Not him pretending being a chef got him that car… Brooklyn, please.” Another one said, “What do you do for a living?’ Born to Victoria and David Beckham.”

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No one can deny that Brooklyn’s recent wedding to Nicola Peltz, daughter of billionaire businessman Nelson Peltz, was a lavish event. However, the newlyweds are currently engaged in a lawsuit over their nuptials.

Nicola’s father originally sued the wedding planners to get his deposit back after they were let go weeks before the ceremony. But the wedding planners subsequently launched a countersuit, claiming breach of contract. Nicola and both of her parents are named in the lawsuit.

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