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A limited edition Cadbury chocolate bar has been spotted on sale in the UK.

Usually, the special edition bars are only available in Australia and New Zealand, they also tend to be a bit pricier than classic bars.

Popular food blogger Snack News & Reviews tried out the Dairy Milk Caramilk Top Deck – the Aussie snack that comprises two retro flavours into one delicious looking treat – we can't wait to try it.

The 175g bars feature Cadbury's signature Dairy Milk, topped with delicious Caramilk chocolate. The new bars are available in small quantities on international snacking website GB Gifts for £5.99.

The last time we checked there were less than 100 in stock, so eager customers ready to get their hands on a bar will have to act quickly.

In a Facebook post published last week, food blogger Kev's Snack Reviews described the treat as a "nice novelty" but "not quite as amazing as other recent Caramilk spin-offs like Marble or Hokey Pokey".

He went on to add "I think adding something else to the layers would have made it more exciting."

However, the less than enthused review didn't stop the post from attracting sweet-toothed fans to the comments.

One social media user commented: "This looks bloody lovely x"

Another tagged a friend, stating: "I need this in my life lol keep an eye out"

Someone else hilariously asked: "I need this! A square a night will be ok right?"

Many users were eager to find out where they could buy them, prompting others to chime in with stockist details.

At £5.99 the bar is pricier than your regular bars at your local corner shop. In order to save a bit of money, it has been suggested that you could simply make your own Top Deck bar – with little to no effort at all.

Why not grab yourself a bar of classic Dairy Milk and then find a plain Caramilk bar, sandwich them together and you've pretty much got yourself a Dairy Milk Caramilk Top Deck – how good is that?

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