Bring a bucket and a mop — Cardi is about to get some blood on her shoes.

Cardi B had a terrifying face to face encounter with a predator in her home: a large bird of prey about to snatch up one of her puppies.

The rapper posted the hilarious standoff to Twitter, as she threatened to shoot the killer-in-waiting as it eyed her pets from the garden wall.

“It’s eyeing my dogs… bitch don’t look at me cause I swear, you do some funny shit I’m gonna shoot your ass with a f—ing BB gun,” she warned. “Don’t play with me.”

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The bird of prey didn’t flinch from her threats though, and continued to stare down its potential snack and their saber-rattling mother.

“All of a sudden you tryna come over here… where was you when I didn’t have my dogs?” she spat. “Now you wanna be coming over here?”

“This your last day playa, around here. ‘Cause tomorrow, you come back, I’m calling animal control.”

“I got three kids here, and I swear if you come for my baby, Fluffy, on God — I’m gonna cook your ass.”

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But Cardi’s tough front quickly fell apart when the raptor pulled a Linda Blair right in front of her eyes.

“Oh shit that shit turned its head all the way around!” she freaked out. “I saw that shit! You saw that shit right?!”

It is not known which of Cardi’s babies were actually in peril at the time. It is unlikely the predator would have carried off either Boujee or Bentley, her adult pets who appear to be pit bull terriers. While the couple welcomed eight pups (of which she and husband Offset initially indicated they would keep five and give three to his nephews) back in 2018, they are all likely big enough to hold their own now.

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However, four days ago in a Happy Father’s Day message, Cardi posted a video of Offset and daughter Kulture clutching a brand new puppy, which by the looks of the adorable bundle, may have been the Fluffy she was referring to.

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