Hitting the club on a boozy night out usually means a whole lot of memories – including ones you would rather forget.

But thanks to the technology of today, even the most blurry moments are immortalised with a quick snap stored in your phone.

This was certainly the case for this one woman whose alcohol fuelled partying resulted in a rather hilarious photo.

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And, it has now gone viral on Twitter.

Instead of getting behind the mobile phone or posing in front of one, the woman had other ideas.

The glam blonde shoved half of her phone in her mouth underneath the flashing lights of the club.

However, things were about to get a bit more crazy.

She took a bottle of what appeared to be Johnnie Walker Red Label, a Scotch Whiskey, and poured it onto her phone which trickled into her mouth.

The obvious would have been a cup and a straw but full marks for innovation.

By the looks of things, the bloke behind her seems to be impressed yet baffled by her drinking technique.

Since being posted to Twitter account @ClubPhotos_, many people have shared their thoughts on the woman’s club antics.

One person commented: “Naw… your phone is one of the dirtiest surfaces you come in contact with every day.”

Another user questioned: “Just why????”

While a third voiced: “She’s so smart for this.”

Someone else said: “What would make anybody wanna do this? Lol, I don't get it.”

Meanwhile, a fifth giggled: “The most chaotic part of this phone is that she’s drinking Johnny Walker Red Label.”


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