Clarence House remains the primary residence of King Charles III and Queen Camilla and was recently the venue for The Reading Room anniversary event. Looking comfortable in their long-term home, the pair appeared close with strong eye contact as Camilla took centre stage. spoke to body language expert Judi James who noticed a change in the couple’s dynamic.

At the event, Charles and Camilla appeared happy, both spotted gazing into one another’s eyes on several occasions.

Despite his status as Head of State, the anniversary celebration saw Camilla take the lead by reading a speech to the attendees.

Speaking exclusively to, body language expert Judi James noted that the couple showed many similarities to that of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Their eye contact and presence in one another’s company were the most noticeable behaviours that mirrored those of Charles’ mother and father.

Judi said: “We’re used to seeing a very different power or pecking order balance from these two, with Charles very much the star turn while Camilla hovers in both support and admiration mode.

“This was Camilla’s project though and, although Charles could barely stop himself from gently upstaging her at some points, we can see an even balance emerge from their body language as they smile at each other with expressions that suggest mutual fondness and admiration.

“While Camilla makes her speech, something she never seems to be over-confident and comfortable doing, Charles lurks behind her looking rather playful and naughty.”

The speech was addressed to authors and other members of the literary community and representatives of literacy charities.

Charles resembled Prince Philip in his mannerisms as he admired Camilla taking the stage.

The similarities between the reigning monarchs don’t stop there. Like his mother and father, Charles’s love story has been long and full of memories.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth met in 1939 and experiences some resistance to their marriage from the crown – much as the now King and his wife did before exchanging vowels.

It wasn’t just during her speech that Camilla showed a dominant position at the event.

Judi explained: “With one hand in his pocket and his back slightly arched, Charles shows a glimpse of the more dashing younger man he would have been when he first fell in love with Camilla.

“She creates a complimentary pose here, clutching her notes to her torso and adopting a rather coy smile, almost rolling the years back to when they must have first met.

“There is also an echo of some of the more latter-day poses between the late Queen and Philip here.

“Where their eye contact and shared grins of what looked like adoration and humour would almost perfectly replicate the poses and expressions they had adopted together in the early days of their engagement and marriage.”

Since the death of his mother, Charles has appeared more vulnerable in his relationship with Camilla, bringing them closer together.

The changing dynamic between the couple is indicative of the Queen Consort’s new position since Charles’ accession to the throne.

Their official positions in the Royal Family will be made acknowledged on May 6, 2023, when King Charles will be coronated at Westminster Abbey.

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