‘Cheapskate’ woman asks husband to pull bad tooth out using vacuum cleaner

A savvy woman turned to her husband for help when she refused to pay the dentist to remove a bad tooth.

Karen Hearn suffered a horrible toothache for two weeks and found out that she's got an abscess.

Dentist Dr Kevin Snow suggested two options — a more effective but expensive root canal, or a simple and cheaper tooth extraction.

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But the self-proclaimed cheapskate didn't want to spend $185 (£145) to knock her tooth out.

She decided to search online and learned to do it herself.

Appearing on TLC's Extreme Cheapskate, Karen asked her husband Grant to help and the pair sourced the material themselves before performing the DIY tooth op.

Grant created an improvised suction device using a common household item — vacuum cleaner.

He explained: "I'm using a regular vacuum cleaner and I'm going to stick it in part of the mouth and we can suck out the blood and whatever and then a straw with duct tape, which makes a good seal."

Karen said they acquired an extraction tool from a yard sale.

"The extraction will take place using this barber's tool," she explained.

"We found it at a yard sale, used back in the early 1920s and 1930s for when people used to the barber rathern than a dentist to have their teeth pulled."

To make sure everything is sterile and safe to use, Grant used phosporous acid and cola to dissolve rust and scraped it off with aluminium foil.

"Rubbing alcohol will complete the sterilisation of these instruments," he added.

Karen also had acquired some free medical equipment and a numbing agent from previous visits at a doctor's office.

When asked if she's nervous while Grant wrapped an ice pack on her face, she said: "A little, but I know I'm in good hands."

At the end, her husband managed to remove the tooth.

Karen said: "Pain only last a short time, but saving that money last so much longer."

Viewers were shocked and called Karen's money-saving idea "ridiculous".

One said: "For f***'s sake, just pay the $185 to get your tooth removed."

"If something happens to make it worse, you'll end up paying more, never try to play surgeon on yourself," another warned.

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