Chinese New Year: Each Zodiac sign explained

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Those who fall under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger will be born in one of the following years: 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010 or 2022. According to Chinese astrology, will Tiger have a sweet and romantic year ahead – or do the stars spell disaster?

When it comes to romance, Tiger is set to have an exciting year.

While there will of course be some bumps along the way, this sign’s romantic life seems to be following an “upward trend”.

Tiger should play close attention to their friends’ friends, meeting mutual contacts whenever they can.

This is because their friends can help them “meet many suitable friends of the opposite sex”.

If an arranged introduction sparks a romantic connection, “a sweet relationship will begin”.

Finding love should not be too hard for Tiger, as this sign has a magnetic, radiant energy.

Tiger may have many people admiring them from afar, or even from their inner circle.

According to Chinese astrology, Tiger is “very popular in the eyes of friends of the opposite sex”.

Other people love Tiger’s “down-to-earth” personality and equally down-to-earth, humble work ethic.

However, there is a chance that sweet Tiger can get burned if they are unassuming.

It is absolutely paramount that Tiger takes a deep dive into a person’s character before investing in them emotionally.

“You should find out more about the other person before starting a relationship,” reported China Highlights.

Tiger runs the risk of being a little shallow sometimes and can be swayed by appearances.

However, this is something they should work on in order to find a sustainable romantic connection.

When it comes to a prospective partner, “you can’t just look at his/her appearance”.

Underneath their gorgeous visage, some people do not have pure intentions, which Tiger must be aware of.

This sign could risk heartbreak if they aren’t careful: “If his/her heart is not sincere, your relationship won’t last long.”

Love compatibility between the zodiac signs takes into account the fundamental personality traits of each one.

Tiger’s best partner is a Horse, Dog or Pig, while their worst is usually an Ox, Snake, Goat or Monkey.

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