“The girls intentionally leave me out of photos.”

“Selling Sunset” star Christine Quinn is addressing some online speculation … while adding fuel to the fire when it comes to her feud with her “Selling Sunset” costars.

Over the weekend, the 32-year-old responded to speculation she wouldn’t be on the next seasons of the Netflix series — after she wasn’t spotted with some of her costars in their most recent social media posts.

“I’m SOOOOO tired of addressing this. I am in every single episode of season 4 and 5 of selling sunset,” she tweeted out. “The girls intentionally leave me out of photos. I have real work to do besides sit on my phone and prove 24/7 that I’m filming a TV show. Yall going to see me.”

Quinn proved her point by including a video of herself in the Oppenheim office and confirmed, “I am in every single episode of the show,” and showed her followers a group of her costars gathered together in a distance.

The video comes after tweets from fans wondering why Quinn was being constantly left out of pictures and special moments.

“I’m surrounded by a bunch of Benedict Arnolds,” she tweeted out around the same time as the video above, adding “Hoes ain’t loyal” in another post.

“I assure you I am at all the same events as them. I just do my job and head back to my family. Don’t need a photo to prove anything lol,” she added in another tweet.

Quinn’s rant came just a day before Heather Rae Young’s wedding to Tarek El Moussa. Back in September, Young told US Weekly that the two were not friends and Quinn will not be invited to the wedding. Quinn was also not invited to the bridal shower.

“Christine and I have not had a close friendship for over a year now. We congratulate each other for special moments or we’ve sent a few nice texts back and forth,” Young admitted at the time. “I’ve [also] obviously seen her a couple times in the office, here and there. But as far as a friendship, it’s just not there right now.”

When asked whether Quinn would be invited to the wedding, Young said “No, the older I get my group of friends just gets smaller because to me loyalty is the most important thing… If I don’t trust anyone a 100% I’m choosing to not have them in my life.”

See photos from Young’s wedding below!

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