Cleaning pro shares simple home hacks including how to prevent mould

Cleaning expert lists the THREE ‘genius’ home hacks you need to try now – including a very simple mould prevention trick

  • A cleaning pro has shared three simple home hacks you’ll wish you knew sooner 
  • Sophie, from Sydney, revealed the tips in an online clip which since went viral
  • She said to kill and get rid of weeds you can pour boiling hot water over them  
  • Sophie recommends running a razor over jumpers to remove pilling and fluff 
  • Her final hack was using some drops of clove oil and chalk to keep mould away
  • She places the oil-infused chalk in drawers, cupboards and damps areas

A Sydney home hacks guru has shared three handy tips she swears by – including how to kill weeds without harsh chemicals and how to make a jumper look brand new again. 

Sophie, from Sydney, who goes by What Sophie Does online, shared the home hacks in a now-viral video on her social media pages. 

The cleaning queen started by recommending pouring boiling water on weeds to kill them as an alternative to using pesticides or poisons. 

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Home hacks queen, Sophie, aka What Sophie Does, has shared three handy tips including pouring water over weeds to kill them instead of using harsh chemicals

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‘It’s great for weeds growing between pavers and on the edge of tiling,’ she wrote in an Instagram caption. 

Sophie’s second hack was to use a razor on jumpers and hoodies that have  accumulated pilling and lint balls. 

She simply runs the razor over the fabric as if she was shaving it and it removes all the fluff balls making the hoodie look like new again. 

Finally, Sophie suggests using a few drops of clove oil on chalk to absorb moisture and keep away mould. 

Sophie recommended simply running a razor over jumpers and hoodies as if she was shaving it to remove fluff balls and pilling

‘Place them in drawers, cupboards and damp spaces. They smell great too!’ Sophie said.

The home hacker’s clip racked up a whopping 1.7millions views on Instagram as hundreds in the comments amazed by the simple tips. 

‘Ooh I haven’t heard the clove oil on chalk trick before!’ one fan said.

‘So simple, yet big impacts! Love this,’ wrote another. 

‘Boiling hot water? Right need to fill my kettle!,’ replied a third. 

Sophie’s clove oil and chalk trick has been tried and tested by many trying to get rid of mould including cleaning and organising pro Anita Birges.

Anita, who heads Mise en Place Professional Organising in Sydney, also recommended opening as many doors and windows as possible to discourage mould growth. 

Sophie’s clove oil and chalk trick has been tried and tested by many trying to get rid of mould including cleaning and organising pro Anita Birges (pictured)

She shared the tip in an Instagram video and explained that opening windows and doors to encourage airflow and ventilation is the easiest way to prevent mould. 

‘We all know I’m on a constant mission against mould,’ the mum said. ‘But what is the best way to keep mould at bay?’ 

Anita was quick to answer her own question, ‘It’s airflow and good ventilation!’

She then urged everyone to go around their house and open up every single window possible to get the airflow going.

Anita opened the windows in her bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen.

The mum also went as far as opening the sliding doors to her garden and her front door in order to combat mould.

Anita Birges, who heads Mise en Place Professional Organising in Sydney, recommended a simple mould prevention strategy of opening windows and doors

Many were extremely receptive to Anita’s suggestion and shared personal stories.

‘Growing up with Italian mother, the first thing you do in the morning is open every single window,’ a woman said.

She added, ‘I wish I had as many windows as you – living in apartment is limited but I still managed to open them rain or shine.’

‘That’s what I’ve been saying – easiest way to keep your home fresh and mould-free.’ 

How to remove mould from your home:

Anita recommends first cleaning the area with a homemade solution spray followed by a ‘prevention solution’ 

1. To make the cleaning solution, pour equal parts isopropyl alcohol and warm water into a spray bottle  

2. Apply to the area and leave on for 10 minutes 

3. Wipe over with microfibre cloth

4. Next make the mould prevention solution using 10 drops clove oil, 10 drops tea tree oil and 100ml white vinegar

5. Spray the solution onto surfaces and area around the home – such as the shower, windowsills, roller blinds, etc 

Source: Anita Birges/Instagram

But others expressed concerns at the seemingly ‘simple’ strategy.

‘Temperatures too low where I live to open up all the windows,’ said a man who is struggling with the cold.

‘I would love to open my windows but I live in the Pilbara and my house would be overtaken with flies,’ shared another.

‘My next door neighbour smokes like a chimney – every time I open my windows and doors my house fills with smoke.’

However, Anita assured those who can’t keep doors and windows open in winter, the chalk and clove oil mould prevention trick will work wonders. 

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