A COUPLE got a £10,681 gas and electric bill for their two-bed semi — and were told it will be nearly £14,000 next year.

E.ON emailed Bruce and Jade Willoughby to say they used 351,367-kilowatt hours of gas over 12 months — enough to power a factory.

Yet they usually spend £30 a month on dual fuel in Chesterfield, Derbys.

Bricklayer Bruce, 31, said: “I kept staring at the bill in disbelief.

“Obviously prices have shot up and for a while we thought ‘we didn’t realise it was this bad’.

“I leave at 6am and Jade, a social worker, at 8am. We’re not back till 5pm and don’t leave on the heating. We’re assuming it’s a mistake but no one has told us yet.”

E.ON has launched an investigation. They told Bruce: “I’m sincerely sorry to hear the contents of your complaint and for the inconvenience and upset this matter has caused.

“I appreciate this must be very frustrating trying to resolve and I apologise if there’s been failing and poor service along the way.”

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