A man with multiple tattoos has shared a new snap which shows his entire body covered in ink.

Remy has spent an eye-watering 1,200 hours (or more) on getting inked as he revealed he doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

Now the dad-of-one, who has covered 95% of his body in tattoos, has surprised fans with his latest post.

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Posting to his 201,000 Instagram followers, Remy wrote: "We all have our demons. I'm at peace with mine.

"Generally speaking we only find other people's differences upsetting or offensive when we aren't at peace with ourselves.

"No one else should ever that much power over your emotions simply by existing and minding their own business."

But it wasn't in the main caption where he revealed some secrets about his journey as he replied to a few comments.

One person asked: "Where was the most painful spot?" To which Remy cheekily replied: "Depends on the day."

Meanwhile another fan gushed: "Inspiring. How did the shins feel?" And the dad claimed: "They're never bad honestly."

In the photo, Remy can be seen sitting on the floor as he candidly looked away from the camera.

His entire body has been covered with blackwork, including his entire arms, chest area and legs.

Other fans who weren't asking him questions were in awe as he put his transformation on display.

One Instagram user said: "Looks amazing bro," while another added: "Once again wise wise words."

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