Astrology: People want to relate to horoscopes says Vyse

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Friday’s horoscope really is what you make it. Neptune and Mars mixed with planets in Pisces and Aries could cause you some trouble, but the aspects could be flipped on their heads to make a positive. chatted to astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) to find out what lies ahead for everyone today.

Friday is a really interesting day because we can see the Moon in Pisces meet Neptune exactly.

Francesca said: “This is brilliant for intuition, imagination, creative thinking, emotional intelligence and sensitivity.

“We could actually be a little too emotional and feeling a little bit wiped out because Mars in Gemini is applying an exact square.

“This is a tense aspect to Neptune – Mars is fire and he gets our libidos going, gets us fired up and wants us to take action.”

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When Mars forms an applying aspect to Neptune, Neptune cancels out Mars.

Francesca said: “Neptune fizzles out the fiery active energy that Mars brings. Neptune is the water that puts the match out.

“People could feel quite low energy, low mood, and I’ve noticed people this week saying that they feel a bit flat and off.

“I think that is part of this week’s astrology – our get up and go from Mars is fizzled out by Neptune.”

We have a lot of planets in Aries right now and they are forming a very tense aspect to Pluto.

Francesca explained: “That is something that is going to build up next week, but already Venus is getting there so there could be some very charged, emotional situations.

“You might feel pressured or stressed to express yourself, or maybe you feel as if someone is bossing you around.

“This is going to be intensified from Sunday and throughout next week.”

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All in all, the Moon in Pisces with Neptune square to Mars is the overriding atmosphere tomorrow.

Francesca advised: “The vibe is that of sensitivity and intuition, so it’s a good time for spending time with yourself.

“Try not to push yourself too hard because you will fail. You can only go with the flow right now.

“Neptune rules water and the sea, so if you’re going with what feels right, that will be great. If you’re not, you won’t be able to fight the tide.”

Other than that, the duality is very strong although we might feel coerced into doing what higher authorities.

However, Francesca stressed how important it is to take what comes and not to worry too much.

She said: “The strongest element or force is water – you can’t break it. It always adapts and will break things down.

“The true strength lies in being gentle and kind and that is the message for today.”

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