Daily horoscope for February 9: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Tuesday, February 9 finds the Moon beginning the day in star sign Capricorn. Earth’s lunar orb is at this time sitting right on top of Pluto in Capricorn, making a Conjunction. Conjunctions occur in astrology when two different planets combine in the same sign.

YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott thinks this aspect is able to spark a desire to work.

He said: “Pluto in Capricorn can really expand this proactive desire.

“You can change your foundations, throwing all the circumstances in your life up in the air.

“This may change your future and everything differently. This puts a lot pressure on your Capricorn Moon.”

This, he feels, is because the Capricorn Moon is thereby incentivised to manifest all these changes.

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However, you should give yourself a break, as it is simply unrealistic to think you can achieve all these things at once.

The Capricorn Moon also creates a Sextile with planet Neptune in Pisces.

The Sextile is an astrological aspect occurring when bodies are approximately two star signs apart.

Mr Scott thinks this can consequently result in more than a desire for change.

He said: “You are also a paying attention to your dreams and what could be – the potential.

“So you have the need for change, infinite potential and the tiny little Moon saying ‘OK, I will do al this work’.”

So you may well feel more than a little overwhelmed this Tuesday, because the atmosphere is too overbearing.

Ringed jewel Saturn in Aquarius forms the day’s second Sextile – with rogue asteroid Chiron in Aries.

Mr Scott believes there will therefore be a respect for the rules and a desire to do something meaningful for other people.

However, this can be derailed, leading one to lose all perspective about what you actually care about.

He said: “You can shift into doing what everyone else wants of you.

“You can move into conforming, compromising and doing as you are told on Tuesday.”

The Moon then proceeds to move into Aquarius a little later in the day.

YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott said: “That lifts things and gives other options.

“If, on Tuesday morning, you have this huge burden on you and this pressure to perform, then look at what you options are.

“As the day progress, you are going to find it easier to gather ideas and information.

This will crystallise any plans of action you are contemplating.”

He added: “The thing to watch out for on Tuesday the ninth is that wishful thinking can have a really negative outcomes.

So, this is a day when you will have to really pay attention to anything which may, at first glance, seem amazing.

“Be careful about that, it is very unlikely you will get what you want out of that thing.”

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