Daniel Radcliffe Shuts Down Those Wolverine Rumors

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, many expect the franchise to bring in the X-Men — possibly as soon as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. And with Hugh Jackman confirming his time as Wolverine is over, fans have an idea about who could take up the mantle: Daniel Radcliffe. Unfortunately, the Harry Potter star recently shut down the rumors about him joining the MCU.

Marvel fans want to see Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine

It’s hard to imagine anyone but Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine, but fans don’t seem bothered by the idea of Daniel Radcliffe taking on the role. Rumors about the actor joining the MCU have circulated for quite some time. They’ve mostly cropped up because of fan casting.

And a number of X-Men fans believe Radcliffe would be a good fit for the character, taking to platforms like Reddit to argue why. His height seems to be the primary reason, but many also cite his acting range. A large swath of audiences will always see him as Harry Potter, but Radcliffe has added a variety of roles to his resume since leaving Hogwarts.

Unfortunately, Wolverine isn’t likely to join them anytime soon. Promoting The Lost City, Radcliffe was asked about the Marvel rumors — and his answer might come as a disappointment to fans hoping for a kernel of truth behind the fan castings.

Daniel Radcliffe shuts down the Marvel rumors

As much as Marvel fans would like to see Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine, it doesn’t seem the actor has plans to join the MCU. He’s denied involvement with the franchise on numerous occasions — something he did again during a recent conversation with ComicBook.com.

At the SXSW premiere for The Lost City, Radcliffe admitted he’s heard the Wolverine speculation. However, he can’t see the studio approaching him — though he did challenge Marvel to prove otherwise:

“So many times, people come to me like, ‘Hey man, heard the Wolverine news, that’s pretty cool.’ No, I don’t know anything about it. Like, I appreciate that somebody is clearly going, like, ‘Wolverine’s actually short in the comic books. You should get like a short guy to do it!’ But I don’t see myself. I don’t see them going from Hugh Jackman to me. But who knows? Prove me wrong, Marvel.”

Whether Marvel will take him up on that remains to be seen. But Radcliffe can at least enjoy the suggestion that he’d make a good Wolverine — something he admitted is quite “flattering.”

The actor finds Wolverine rumors ‘flattering’

Following Daniel Radcliffe’s latest discussion about the Wolverine rumors, he appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fallon raised the subject once again, and Radcliffe gave a similar response. He doubled down on the fact that the rumors aren’t true, then guessed his height had something to do with the casting. The actor added that he takes the fan-castings as a compliment.

“I mean, anything that implies the fleeting similarity to Hugh Jackman is incredibly flattering,” Radcliffe admitted. “So, I’m happy with that.”

Sadly, fan-castings are all X-Men fans have at the moment. Many believe Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness could open the door to bringing the characters into the MCU. If rumors about a cameo from Patrick Stewart’s Professor X prove correct, Wolverine could make an entrance later on. Whether Marvel will approach Radcliffe about the role is another story.

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