Danielle Olivera calls ex-BFF Lindsay Hubbards engagement to Carl Radke crazy

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Danielle Olivera questions the hastiness of her former best friend Lindsay Hubbard’s engagement to Carl Radke in the “Summer House” Season 7 trailer.

“To get engaged right now would be crazy,” Olivera, 33, says of Hubbard, 36, and Radke, 37, to co-stars Paige DeSorbo and Mya Allen.

The trailer also teases several heated conversations that the former ride-or-dies have with each other about Hubbard’s relationship, which ultimately caused their friendship to crumble.

“Maybe we won’t get engaged when it’s appropriate for you,” Hubbard firmly tells Olivera while sitting poolside, to which Olivera fires back, “You’re getting so f–king defensive. It’s annoying.”

Another emotional conversation shows Hubbard asking Olivera why she needs her “blessing” to get engaged, prompting Olivera to double down that what her onetime pal is saying is “absolute crazy pants.”

Their feud reaches a boiling point during a screaming match in front of their housemates that results in Olivera hysterically sobbing while hunched down on the floor.

“You bashed me the entire summer!” Hubbard screams.

“I don’t talk s–t about you. I say it to your f–king face!” Olivera claps back.

Olivera becomes emotional in another scene in which she is seen walking and sobbing while telling her friends that her falling out with Hubbard is “beyond repair.”

Fans of the Bravo reality show began to speculate that the former BFFs had a major falling out after Olivera stayed quiet when Radke and Hubbard got engaged in August 2022.

The couple had been dating for less than a year when Radke popped the question.

The Bravolebrities confirmed suspicions when they dubbed the status of their friendship “unfortunate” at their show’s BravoCon panel in October.

Hubbard and Olivera still seem to be at odds currently, as co-stars DeSorbo, 30, and Amanda Batula recently agreed on “Watch What Happens Live” that the two would not be able to “get over” their fight.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Kyle Cooke claims that Radke and Hubbard’s romance is the reason Radke has “been doing less” at his high-ranking position at their company, Loverboy.

“Carl could walk away from the company right now, and the company won’t feel a f–king thing,” Cooke bluntly says during a group dinner.

Meanwhile, DeSorbo and her boyfriend, “Southern Charm” star Craig Conover, get into an emotional conversation over their future and the “pressure” of making their long-distance relationship work.

“You’re making it seem like if I don’t say we should get engaged in six months that you’re gonna be pissed off at me,” she tells him while wiping away tears.

All the usual “Summer House” suspects are joined by newbies Samantha Feher and Gabby Prescod as well as Conover’s bestie and “Winter House” star Kory Keefer. Oh, and not to fret, Andrea Denver appears in a shirtless scene or two as well.

“Summer House” Season 7 premieres on Monday, Feb. 13, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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