Dating coach shares 5 signs the man you're seeing has a secret partner

I am a dating coach and here are 5 signs the man you’re seeing may have a secret girlfriend or wife – from refusing to post you on their social media to never inviting you to their place

  • UK-based Jacob Lucas is a professional dating coach and TikTok content creator 
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A dating coach has revealed five signs you the man you are seeing may have a secret girlfriend or wife – including him never sharing images of you on his social media.

UK-based coach Jacob Lucas says he has used his real-life methods to ‘help millions of people get the love life they have always wanted’

As well as working directly with clients, he shares dating content on TikTok, with his more than 750,000 followers. He is also the author of guidebook Her Dating Coach.

In a recent video on the platform, he outlined five signs that the person you’re seeing may not have been honest about their relationship status.

And shockingly, according to Jacob, he has lately been hearing that this scenario happens ‘so often’, which he says ‘shocks’ him as he doesn’t understand how people think they can get away it.    

According to dating coach Jacob Lucas (pictured), there are some common signs that the person you’re dating may already be in a relationship

In the video, Jacob says: ‘I’m a professional dating coach, and [here are] five signs that the man you are dating may have a secret girlfriend or wife.

‘I’ve heard this happens so often lately, and it shocks me how people think that they can get away with it.’

Outlining the first sign, he says: ‘Number one, they refuse to post you on social media.

‘This one is obvious. The reason they do this is because they don’t want their partner to see that they are secretly dating you.’

His second point relates to how the dater behaves when it comes to their loved ones. Jacob says: ‘Number two, they never introduce you to their family or their friends.

‘This is because they are scared of their family or friends turn that girlfriend about you, which will ruin the whole relationship and best secret girlfriend.’

Meanwhile, another thing the person is likely to be secretive about is their home, says the dating coach.

He explains: ‘Number three, he will always make an excuse for you not to go to his place. The reason is they are scared of their girlfriend showing up at their house, and then catching you two together.’ 

Among the signs the dating expert (pictured) shared are making excuses to not spend time at his place, and not sharing pictures of you on his social media

Continuing, he says: ‘Number four is that they are very hard to get in contact with, for no good reason. Well, there is a reason – it is because they are with their secret girlfriend and they are worried about getting caught talking to you.’

And the fifth and final point also pertains to the dater being secretive and vague. According to Jacob: ‘Number five is that whenever you ask him to hang out with you, he will give you the weirdest excuses as to why he can’t.’

A number of viewers shared their thoughts on the video, with some adding their own signs that someone you’re seeing may already be in a relationship.

One wrote: ‘You missed, won’t take you out in public. Guy I was seeing very briefly, made lots of excuses not to go out on dates. smelted a rat so got rid quick!’

Another added: ‘Not available on Weekends or available after workhours; “i’ll call you back text” any time you text during dinner time… unless single Dad.’

Another shared a similar sentiment, writing: ‘Yes, also, if he only responds to messages during the day and not on weekends!’

A number of viewers took to the comments section to share their thoughts, with some suggesting other signs

And a further commentator added: ‘Pays all in cash, wants to hang out at random times, claims no social media, no public dates-my friend had all the signs. He finally told her. Married.’ 

Dating expert Jacob recent appeared in a recent episode of new Sky video series, Life Simplified, hosted by comedian Mo Gilligan on YouTube.

The episode, titled DATING SIMPLIFIED, saw Jacob offer advice in an attempt to simplify the world of dating.

It comes as research shows that 28 per cent of under 35s have stopped using dating apps completely and 27 per cent take regular breaks ‘to help keep them sane’.

Speaking during the episode, Jacob addressed several topics, discussing signs someone is interested in you, how to write dating app bios, and communication.

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