Disney fans are paying MILLIONS to live in exclusive Florida community

Don’t Let It Go! Disney-obsessed families are paying up to $20M to live in this exclusive Florida community – where interiors feature VERY elaborate Frozen and Finding Nemo-themed rooms

  • The Golden Oak community which opened in 2011 is the only residential area inside Disney’s resort
  • One of its 299 homes recently sold for nearly $10m after 50 showings. Another is on the market for $19m
  • The home is partially designed by the Imagineers, with similar curved arches and rounded gutters, but plenty of homeowners have gone the extra mile to deck out their homes in 3D Disney memorabilia 

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away… a team of Disney Imagineers helped fans reconstruct the the most magical place on earth in their multi-million dollar properties. 

For fans of the company’s movies and theme parks, the results are everything they could want – and more. 

So much so, that obsessed families are paying up to $20million to snap up properties in the exclusive Florida community where some of the rooms aren’t just Disney-themed; they’re Disney-made. 

They are quite literally the House of Mouse. 

As the only residential community located inside a Disney resort, Golden Oak – an enclave of 299 homes that opened in 2011 – properties are hot commodity. Mansions range from the low millions to one currently being sold by Bacardi heiress Hilda Bacardi for $19million. 

And for fans of Star Wars, Frozen and Finding Nemo, the interior will feel as though they wished upon a star. 

Nothing to see here? Think again! While this Golden Oak home being sold by Bacardi rum heiress Hilda Bacardi for $19million appears the picture of elegant luxury on the outside, the interior holds a few very colorful surprises

Under the sea: One room in the home features an underwater Finding Nemo and Finding Dory theme complete with a dock-style bunk bed featuring a 3D replica of Hank the octopus

Sleep tight, don’t let the sharks bite: The bedroom features an imposing 3D replica of Bruce who despite being a great white shark, just wants to be a good guy and is the leader of the ‘fish are friends, not food’ support group. Yes, that’s a TV screen in his mouth

Ice, ice, baby: The Frozen themed bedroom is decorated with an icicle-festooned princess style bed and the movie’s main characters  – depicted in 3D


Imagineers, Disney’s design team, helped designed the homes, which all feature similar archways and rounded gutters, while fans took their homes to the next level by including outlandish memorability and nods to the company’s iconic film history.  

Bacardi’s 9,300-square-foot home appears the picture of elegant luxury from the outside – and for much of the interior – but there are three rooms that are a treat for Disneyphiles: a Star Wars-themed theater room and Frozen and Finding Nemo-themed bedrooms. 

The level of detail is impressive. 

In the under the sea-style bedroom – a tribute to Finding Nemo and its sequel Finding Dory – a 3D replica of Bruce the friendly great white shark looms from the wall opposite bunk beds designed to look like a dock above a reef with a 3D Hank the octopus lurking in the depths, tentacles wrapped around the bedframe. 

The Frozen bedroom features an icicle bed frame – and for those who get lonely at night, 3D depictions of Elsa, Ana, Olaf, Kristoff and, of course, Kristoff’s trusty reindeer Sven are positioned around the room. 

Bacardi told the Wall Street Journal: ‘If you’re a Disney lover, you have it in your blood. It’s about holding on to innocence and having fun and not taking life too seriously.’

One home within the community recently sold for nearly $10million after 50 showings. On average, residents pay up to $30,000 a year in HOA dues. 

And if Disney’s the most magical place on earth, it’s only a five-minute short drive to the Magic Kingdom – so close that residents can see the theme park’s fireworks from their homes – and a seven-minute drive to Epcot. 

Disney also handles the community’s day-to-day operations and provide the residents with transportation to the parks and even give them early access to new rides. Disney’s animators and actors also come to the community’s clubhouse to host seminars and the community has several restaurants. 

Although not everything in the home is Disney themed. Bacardi’s 9,300-square-foot home has a stunning pool in the backyard 

Bacardi’s décor in the majority of the lavish home is luxurious. It has a stunning living room area with a large fireplace and plenty of natural light with not a single Disney item to be found 

Many of the home featured in the community have Disney themes. All the homes featured solid wood doors, operational shutters and rounded features (pictured: Bacardi’s home)

The Barcardi home features an open-concept kitchen and seating area that leads to the pool  

‘It’s Disney-front property,’ Compass real estate agent Matt McKee told WSJ. ‘It’s like getting that prime spot on the mountain, but it’s man-made.’ 

McKee also believes childlike wonder helps keep the place going and the sales high. 

‘I don’t want to say it’s like delayed adulthood, but it’s like another version of the fountain of youth.’ 

Most of the lavish homes are Disney themed, some with Star Wars themed home theaters, Frozen and Mickey Mouse bedrooms, and stashed full of memorabilia, and even a cut-out the shape of mouse ears in the ceiling. 

Disney enthusiast Janis Scaramucci, 63, bought a $2.5million home in 2018 and says she found the ‘best life imaginable.’ 

Scaramucci – who moved from Oklahoma to join the Golden Oak community – spends her days riding the park’s rollercoasters and traveling on Disney cruises.

Although the homes on the outside look unassuming, stepping inside the multimillion-dollar homes will make any Disney fan squeal with unbridled joy. 

Morgan’s home looks palatial with it’s tripe arched entryway and front deck on the second floor  

Kathleen Morgan’s home features an indoor swing shaped like a hot air balloon that features two baby Yoda plush toys, where one sits on a matching green swing  

Morgan’s home also features a Star Wars helmet in a case to protect it  

Morgan has cute double beds that feature a Mickey and Minnie scene in her home, complete with It’s a Brand New Day blankets and matching themed pillows 

The Morgan home also features a stunning foyer area with a grand piano, marble flooring and walls, unique light fixtures, and warm lighting  

Morgan’s home also features a feature staircase, complete with light wood to compliment the marble, which has tree designs engraved in it  

Morgan has a stunning pool in her background, featuring multi-color tiled hot tub and an L-shaped pool with a cabana 

Her office space has magical wallpaper and a bookshelf featuring figurines 

‘My home is very, very, very Disney,’ Scaramucci told the WSJ. ‘I’ve collected Disney art and objects for over 30 years.’ 

Her home is filled to the brim with memorabilia, including a figure of Snow White witch. She has decorative plates lining a well-lit wall and has small Disney trinkets in the kitchen, including a Lion King’s warthog Pumba as a popcorn bucket. 

Her home office also features a Mickey head chair and pillows, as well as tiny Disney figurines. 

She even has a Mary Poppins inspired gate where the characters are holding magic umbrella to fly off into the sky. Although the magical gate has a more mundane purpose in her home: keeping her dogs in the downstairs area. 

One of the most noticeable things inside her home is the Mickey head cutout in the ceiling, complete with black glittery paint and instantly recognized by any avid or causal fan alike. 

The Tupys’ home features a more Tudor-like style with and feature the arched entryway that is common throughout the community  

Delena and Kevin Tupy’s home features an elaborate outdoor bar area for the ultimate entertaining place just off the pool 

The Tupy home also features an ornate rug in the entryway as well minimalistic Disney décor with a brass Mickey sitting between the two chairs 

The couple’s kitchen also features a minimalistic reference to Disney with a tiled Tony’s Restaurant sign in the kitchen, a nod to the movie in the Lady and the Tramp 

The Tupy home has a large L-shaped pool that features a bridge and a covered patio area 

It also has a small library located in the back of their house that features nods to Beauty and the Beast – from dolls to the rolling ladder 

They also have a bedroom with minimal references to the Mickey, from a classic red and yellow bedspread to match his outfit to a photo of him and Pluto on the wall 

Another room has Aladdin reference from a purple bedspread to a rug fit for flying 

They also have a painting of Belle and the Beast – and their enchanted household staff Cogsworth, Lumière and Mrs Potts – hanging in their hallway 

Delena and Kevin Tupy, who bought their home for $5.5million in 2019, have a statue of Lumière from Beauty and the Beast near their pool and an enchanted rose set in stained glass. 

Delena even has a Tinker Bell tattoo on her leg and describes herself as the bigger Disney fan compared to her husband. 

The community is also not a part of the Reedy Creek district, which has ruffled Disney’s feathers with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. However, they are concerned about the dispute, as the Republican has threatened to build a prison next to the resort, which has shaken residents.

‘When someone says things like that, I have no respect,’ Kathleen Morgan, who owns a home in Golden Oaks, told WSJ. 

However, many of DeSantis’ strongest supporters and donors live in the area, according to the real estate agent. 

Disney has amped up its fight, hosting Pride events at its resort last weekend and the Disney’s ‘Gay Days’ events have gone ahead as planned, in defiance of DeSantis’s battle with the company over the state’s so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ laws.

Janis Scaramucci’s $2.5million home features a hedged-line entryway 

‘My home is very, very, very Disney,’ Scaramucci told the WSJ  – while grinning under the Mickey Mouse cut-out in her ceiling

The homeowner has an embedded Mickey head on the ceiling in her living room, complete with red and black glitter paint 

Scaramucci also has plenty of figurines displayed throughout her home, including on three bookshelves above a desk, which features a Mickey chair 

The hundreds of figurines lined up nearly on shelves. ‘I’ve collected Disney art and objects for over 30 years,’ she said 

She also has decorative plates on the wall that feature Tinkerbell and Cruella and Pinocchio 

She also has small Disney trinkets in the kitchen, including a popcorn bucket shaped like Lion King’s warthog Pumba 

She also has a large statue of the witch in Snow White, complete with the poisoned apple and the seven dwarfs 

Scaramucci wears a Ratatouille apron as she pretended to cook with her Mickey Mouse spatula 

She and her dog pose by the plates while sitting on a cheetah print couch that has a pillow that reads home and features the Magic Kingdom on it 

One home has a covered outdoor patio with an elaborate swing seat

Despite some of the communities love for Disney themed rooms and homes, others look like traditional multi-million dollar homes, including this bathroom with a double sink, built-in vanity, and modern lighting

One home features a wood and brass china cabinet with two comfortable recliners and a bar area 

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