DIY expert’s hack uses tinfoil to help boost heat from your radiators

A DIY expert has shared a money-saving tip to boost heat in your house during wintry weather without paying a huge electricity bill.

Kyle James, who shares nifty tricks on house-related issues on TikTok and Instagram, showed viewers how to use simple tools to maximise the heat circulation inside the house.

In one clip, he explains: "Radiator reflector foil is one way to keep your house warm.

"It reflects radiator heat back into the room and it's really simple to install."

Kyle starts by cutting the insulator according to the size of the radiator and adds adhesive tapes on the non-reflective side before sticking it to the wall where the electrical appliance is installed.

It is useful for radiators mounted on the external walls.

The expert said the material can be found in most DIY stores, otherwise, kitchen foil can be a quick, temporary fix if travel is not permitted.

A roll of radiator reflector foil is about £10 and the cost-effective method is said to maximise radiator performance by providing heat retention by up to an extra 50%, according to one product listed on Homebase.

Viewers were blown away and some who tried and tested said it did make a difference.

One wrote: "Picked up from local Screwfix and fitted easy peasy and noticed a difference, very happy."

Another said: "Thanks, going to try it with kitchen foil."

Kyle added that the trick works with all radiators types.

"It won't affect convection but it will still deflect heat back into the room," he explained.

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