If you are the person who always makes a bathroom stop whenever you have a chance, whether you need it or not, you might want to think twice.

Physical therapist Dr Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas has advised people not to go for a "just in case" bathroom break because it could "shrink your bladder" over a period of time.

She responded to a video on TikTok, showing an easy illustration of a bladder, saying: "Don't do that!

"Your bladder has basically three levels of sensation and feelings. The first one is just an awareness level to tell you that there is some urine in your bladder.

"The second level is to tell you that you need to make a plan to go to the toilet.

"And the third level is a panic button that says 'get me out of there right now or about to overflow'."

When you have the feeling of a "just in case" toilet break, the awareness level is actually somewhere between the first and second level, Dr Alicia pointed out in the diagram.

She then added: "So by doing this all the time, you are creating a suggestion to the body that it can send the signal to you a little sooner.

"So now you're going to get the urge sooner than before.

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"Over time, it's going to compress the three levels together and the feeling of having some urine in the bladder and the feeling of having an urge to go to a toilet is going to happen in a much shorter amount of time.

"Avoid the 'just in case' unless you're in the car for longer than an hour, once before bed or before and after sex."

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