An adorable abandoned cat and dog have become inseparable since arriving at an animal shelter, developing one of the strongest bonds staff have ever seen.

Employees at Jackson County Animal Shelter (JCAS) say the pair have been “glued together” since their family left them, despite cats and dogs having a long-standing reputation as archenemies. 

Sassy, a six-year-old dog, and Shadow, a one-year-old cat, were discovered by rescuers on the outskirts of a field, located in the US state of Michigan. 

The pair have had ample opportunity to go their separate ways, explained JCAS, but have chosen to stay together in a display of fierce loyalty. 

Lydia Sattler, JCAS’s animal services director, said: “This cat and dog were practically glued together. It’s really rare to see that.”

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On the day they were found, it was apparent to rescuers that the dog hadn’t eaten for days so the members of staff brought food to the rescue site.

They expected the dog to devour it, but instead, it waited for the cat to eat first before touching the food, much to the rescuers’ surprise.  

“The dog let the cat eat first. She sat right there while the kitty was eating out of the dish and waited for him to finish before she ate. It was so sweet,” explained Sattler.

When both animals were subsequently guided to the truck, they showed no resistance and remained cooperative for the rest of their time at the shelter.

“As soon as we put them in the back step of the truck, the kitty curled right up to the dog,” she said.

Rescuers were immediately charmed by the animals’ affinity for each other, but the team wasn’t prepared for just how close the pair would become.

Sattler explained: “When they got here, we didn’t want to separate them, but we have a dog-specific room and a cat room. There was a large space for multiple cat housing that was available, though, so we decided to put them in that room so that they could stay together. 

“Everywhere the dog went, the cat was right there with her. They snuggled together every day. Every morning, our staff would walk in to see what cute thing they were doing. It was so adorable.”

The search for an adoptive home was hassle-free, with both animals being taken in by the same owner no more than a month after they were found.

“They ended up findings a great home where they get to continue that bond that they have,” said Sattler, adding: “They’re continuing to enjoy their time together, and they don’t have to worry about being hungry anymore.”

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