Donald Trump Banned From Future Readmission to SAG-AFTRA

On the heels of Donald Trump’s resignation from SAG-AFTRA on Thursday, the union has passed a resolution banning the former president from ever applying for readmission.

The decision was made via a Zoom conference on Saturday, citing “his antagonism of the union’s journalist members and disregard for the values and integrity of the union,” according to a statement from SAG-AFTRA announcing the resolution.

“Preventing Donald Trump from ever rejoining SAG-AFTRA is more than a symbolic step,” said SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris. “It is a resounding statement that threatening or inciting harm against fellow members will not be tolerated. An attack against one is an attack against all.”

SAG-AFTRA first initiated disciplinary action against Trump in mid-January following the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. However, before the union could officially expel him, Trump resigned his membership, saying that the union had “done nothing” for him.

In response, SAG-AFTRA simply said “Thank you.”

Trump had been a member of SAG-AFTRA since 1989 and has appeared in film and television productions such as “Home Alone 2,” “The Nanny” and “Sex and the City.”

Read SAG-AFTRA’s full resolution below.

“WHEREAS, on or about January 13, 2021, disciplinary charges were filed against member Donald J. Trump (“Trump”), alleging that he engaged in actions antagonistic to the interests and integrity of SAG-AFTRA and its members in violation of Article XIV of the Constitution. The charges allege that the former President of the United States incited insurrection against the U.S. government at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, and urged and incited anti-journalist animus that resulted in injuries and harm to SAG-AFTRA member journalists; and

WHEREAS, on or about January 19, 2021, the National Board conducted a probable cause determination in which it found that there was sufficient basis for such charges to proceed to a disciplinary hearing; and

WHEREAS, the Disciplinary Committee had set a hearing to be conducted on February 5, 2021, to hear evidence on the charges, and gave proper and sufficient notice to Trump of the hearing; and

WHEREAS, on February 4, 2021, on the eve of the hearing, Trump submitted a letter of resignation from his membership in SAG-AFTRA to President Carteris; and

WHEREAS, by resigning from SAG-AFTRA, Trump voluntarily relinquished any membership rights he may have had under SAG-AFTRA’s governing documents as well as under federal law; and

WHEREAS, the evidence of Mr. Trump’s misconduct and actions antagonistic to the interests of the union and its members is widely known and has been reported by many media sources; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to Article III(A)(2) of the Constitution, “The National Board has discretion to deny membership to any applicant if, in its judgment, his or her admission to membership would not be in the best interests of the Union;”

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the National Board exercises its discretion pursuant to Article III(A)(2) of the Constitution, as follows:

The National Board hereby finds that the well-documented actions by Donald J. Trump to undermine the peaceful transition of power in the United States, and to undermine the delivery of truthful information to the public by attacking journalists is anathema to the values embodied by SAG-AFTRA and to the members of SAG-AFTRA; and

The National Board hereby finds that any future re-admission to membership of Donald J. Trump would not be in the best interests of the union; and

The National Board hereby directs that any future application for admission to membership in SAG-AFTRA by Donald J. Trump shall be denied.

Five board members including broadcast journalists abstained.”

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