Dragon's Den viewers left in tears over scared entrepreneur

‘She faced her fear head on!’ Petrified entrepreneur wins backing after a shaky presentation on Dragon’s Den

  • Caroline Sims confessed she was very nervous on Dragon’s Den last night
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Viewers were blown away by a petrified entrepreneur last night on Dragon’s Den – with some saying her pitch was ‘one of the best’ they had seen on the show. 

Caroline Sims, from Watford, appeared on the BBC1 programme last night where she told the business people that she was extremely nervous. 

She asked for £60,000 for 10 per cent equity in her plant based supplement brand, Botanycl – and managed to wow the entrepreneurs despite her nerves.

Despite having to take time to calm herself throughout her pitch, Peter Jones and Stephen Bartlett were impressed by her – and said they would each put in £30,000 for a 10 per cent claim of the business.

Meanwhile many viewers were left over the moon for the entrepreneur, with one writing: ‘Well done Caroline. It would have been so easy to bail out before going, and she faced her fear head on and smashed it!’

Viewers were left in tears last night after entrepreneur  Caroline Sims confessed she was ‘terrified’ as she pitched on Dragon’s Den – with some saying it was one of the best presentations to ever feature on the show 

Another wrote: ‘Really feel for Caroline tonight. She obviously cares so much about her business and I’ve been in her nervous position (but not on the same level obviously) before. Well done.’

A third added: ‘Nervous pitches that overcome the odds are probably my favourite, and Caroline might be up there for among the best ever on the show after that.’ 

Appearing on the programme, Caroline explained: ‘My heart is racing. I am just picturing walking in there for the first time and I can’t really get past that bit.

‘So I’m like…it’s the fear of the unknown, I think.

‘The only thing I’m concerned about is whether my nerves get the better of me when I’m in there. But fingers crossed I still get all the messages I want to get across.’

Walking into the den, she asked: ‘Do I just start now?’

She took a number of deep breathes before beginning her pitch, saying: ‘My name is Caroline and I’m here today to ask for £60,000 for 10 per cent equity in my plant based supplement brand, Botanycl.

‘I started Botanycl after a long lasting battle with bad skin throughout my twenties. And there was nothing on the market to fix it. 

‘Frustrated by the lack of results and my lacking self esteem, I began tirelessly researching the problem which lead me to the conclusion that a hormonal imbalance was reeking havoc with my skin.

‘Through my research, I discovered the best herbal ingredients to fix the problem. And within a week of taking these, my skin began to clear. I decided to develop a product, Skinclear Elixir so that women around the world can share in my discovery.’

She said she had a granted UK patent, and was listed at Holland and Barrett and online with Superdrug.

Many viewers were left over the moon for the entrepreneur with one saying her pitch ‘might be up there for among the best ever on the show’ 

She said: ‘Since launching in 2018, we’ve generated over £800,000 of sales.

‘Botanycl plans to further expand the vegan beauty line with a male skin supplement, a plant based hair growth formula and more.’

After finishing the pitch, she said: ‘I’m sorry I was so nervous!’

Peter Jones told her to ‘relax’, telling her it was ‘a really good pitch.’

He said: ‘You must be proud of what you’ve done from start up, or do you not sit back and compliment yourself?’

She told the Dragons she had about £5,000 in cash, saying she was ‘very hand to mouth.’

Deborah Meaden told her: ‘This makes me feel uneasy. You’ve got a big issue making this product stand out against all the others. I get samples of things that I should make to take my life better. There is nothing on this bottle that tells me that you’ve got a totally different approach.’

Caroline told the business people that she was extremely nervous ahead of the pitch which featured on the show last night 

The entrepreneur ended up accepting a joint offer from Peter Jones and Steven Bartlett (pictured) 

She said she had seen a plethora of products similar to Caroline’s product – before saying she was ‘out.’

After Peter asked her why she had a chair next to her, she confessed: ‘I was extremely nervous today. I do struggle with anxiety a lot.’

Peter said: ‘I’m going to ask you to sit on that chair. The reason why I want you to sit on that chair is because I want to  make you an offer. I love the business, I think your brand is fantastic. I can open up any door in any retailer in the world for you and I can help you with e-commerce.’

He offered her all of the money for 25 per cent of the business.

She thanked him, saying: ‘I think I needed to sit down for that.’

Meanwhile Steven Bartlett said he was also keen to make her an offer, saying he would give her £60,000 for 20 per cent.

Touker Suleyman and Sara Davies also made her offers for the business.

The entrepreneur managed to set aside her nerves and asked Peter and Steven to work together.

They agreed, and Caroline confessed: ‘I’m shaking! I literally cannot believe what has just happened. When Peter asked me to sit down, I don’t think it was for an offer. 

‘I did not expect four dragons out of five.’    

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