Have you ever screamed at the unwanted sight of a spider in your home? Lurking in corners and handing from webs?

Temperatures are dropping outside and pesky little creatures are worming their way into our nice warm homes.

To some people, it’s no big deal, simply catch the critter and release them to the wild. But a huge chunk of us are absolutely terrified of the creepy crawlies and would do anything to keep them out.

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Georgia Metcalf, founder of French Bedroom has revealed that a simply £2 hack could help save you from unwanted house guests this autumn and winter.

She swears by the spider-eliminating hack which uses peppermint oil, which can be bought for less than £2.

Georgia recommends using the product in a variety of ways to keep spiders out of your bedroom.

She explained: “Worrying about spiders in our room can have a negative effect on our mindset, in turn reducing sleep and increasing stress levels. Following this tip will retain your bedroom as a peaceful sanctuary and prevent sleepless nights.”

Spiders are sensitive to strong smells which are thought to be why peppermint oil is an effective natural remedy for getting rid of spiders.

Combining the oil with water, adding it to a diffuser or dropping it into washing are all recommended techniques that won’t harm the spider. Georgia explains further:

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Combine with water to make a spray

Create a spray mixture of a few drops of peppermint oil with water and a dash of white vinegar. Spritz this lightly onto the inside of curtains and corners of carpets. Be careful not to spray directly onto furniture to avoid damage. Remember to re-spray every week for the smell to stay strong.

Add a few drops to the washing

We recommend putting some drops into your washing machine with fabric softener to slightly infuse your clothes and bed sheets. This is a great way to keep them out of your bed, armoire and wardrobe while also providing a soothing scent to help you sleep.

Soak items with it

You can also place a few drops of oil onto a cotton ball or soak some conkers and tuck them away in the corner of your chest of drawers or windowsills.

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Use a diffuser

For a more luxurious way of using peppermint oil, purchase an oil diffuser for your bedroom. The scent will fill the room and deter spiders from entering.

Rub it into your drawers

To keep the creepy crawlies out from your chest of drawers, rub 2-3 droplets of the oil onto the raw side of the wood, preferably in a back corner. This will keep the spiders out while also making your clothes smell fresh.

Georgia adds: “I swear by these tips and recommend them to anyone I know who has spider troubles. As they smell with their legs, pungent scents, essential oils and even lemon peel are great ways to keep spiders at bay for only a few pounds and without using chemicals.”

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