Eight of the best apps for getting aroused – with or without a partner

Sex in the digital age can be daunting, perfunctory even, but some arousal apps are designed to make sex feel anything but.

In fact, it’s likely they’ll have you hot under the collar in no time.

Regardless of whether you want to build that sexual desire alone or with a partner, we’ve got you covered.

From apps for long-distance relationships to engaging in some cheeky sexting with a stranger, there’s something for everyone.


Are you in a couple but feel like you and your partner need to shake things up?

Both you and your partner need to download the app and create an individual account (which stays private) before pairing with each other.

Then you can both swipe through countless naughty suggestions and decide what you like, don’t like, and would maybe be open to trying.

If you and your partner both like a suggestion then it’s a match – did we mention you can even throw your own ideas into the mix to really spice things up?

It’s the perfect foreplay app which really opens the conversation around your sexual desires – making it easier to communicate your wants and needs.


If you’re single and don’t have anyone on your roster to have a cheeky sext with then Headero is for you.

Not only is it a super-inclusive site for gay, straight, bi, feminine, masculine, androgynous, transgender, cisgender, non-binary people and more, but it’s also tailored to your needs.

It’s the best place to find a stranger and start some steamy sexting.

What’s even better is you can label your profile ‘chat only’ which means there is no expectation of having to take your sexting relationship into the real work.

The only pressure you’ll feel building with this app is the rising orgasm.


This magical app is great for long distance relationships, making it easy for couples to connect to a variety of vibrators via Bluetooth or Wi-fi.

Intimacy won’t be a problem no matter how far you are from your significant other, as you can still get frisky.

There are five modes to choose from including rhythm, touch, tap, wave and voice – all of which control the vibrator and it’s sensations in a different way.

For example, wave mode will increase or decrease the intensity of the vibration according to the angle of your phone while tap mode lets you control vibrations by tapping on your phone screen.

Not to mention you can track your orgasms – there’s nothing better than trying to one up yourself with foreplay each time.


Who doesn’t love a fun sex game? It’s the perfect way to spice things up and keep them interesting.

Users can send their partners dares or even write their own, adding some much needed heat to foreplay.

It’s even better if you’ve got a competitive streak.

By completing dares you earn points which unlock new levels of sexy play for you and your partner to engage in.

You can even keep a little sex diary so you know which challenges you loved the most.


In need of some guidance when it comes to getting it on? Not sure what truly works for you yet?

Well, fear not, because Juicebox has got you covered.

The app acts as a virtual guide for everything to do with sex and intimacy – and it even lets you practice sexting with a virtual slutbot which will help you hone your sexy talking skills.

There is also one-to-one coaching available from a professional sex and relationship coach, as well as tips for navigating sexual experiences.


Think of a sexy version of snapchat and that’s pretty much what Dust is.

Messages and pictures disappear and all communication in-app is encrypted and deleted within 24 hours.

Plus you can do it anonymously meaning you can have all the fun you want without any strings attached.


Yes, Zalo is responsible for making some pretty good sex toys but did you know they also have an app?

It’s a remote app which has plenty of awesome features for enhancing your sex life – with or without a partner.

For example, you can connect your toys to your favourite songs so you can get the ultimate pleasure from your favourite beats.

It’s another one that’s good for long distance relationships, allowing you to sext your partner while you play with yourself.

Oh and if your over having sex on Facetime or Skype then the apps video-chatting feature puts other video chat platforms to shame.


Similar to some of the above Honi caters to all aspects of your sex life and relationship.

You can send dares, share fantasies, learn more adventurous sex positions and nurture your bond with your partner all in one go.

You can even keep a calendar of important dates and share them with your significant other.

All apps are available on the app store.

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