Eugenie allowed to party with Hollywood friends expert says

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Princess Eugenie is thought to be planning a move to Los Angeles, US, following the footsteps of her cousin Prince Harry. The move doesn’t come as a surprise to one royal expert, who predicts Eugenie will use the opportunity to have fun with her Hollywood friends.

Nick Ede, a royal expert and TV presenter, told Express the royal offspring – who was spotted in LA recently further intensifying speculation she will relocate – is already more familiar with LA and Hollywood celebrities than the British public might think.

He said: “If you look at her mum Fergie, she’s big friends with Lisa Marie Presley for instance. Who knew that they were best friends?”

Princess Eugenie has a number of celebrity friends already, even before she supposed Hollywood relocation. Both sisters, Eugenie and Beatrice, are thought to be pally with US model Karlie Kloss, who married the brother of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, Josh.

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field are two other close friends in Hollywood, and their daughter Theodora Rose was a bridesmaid at Eugenie’s wedding.

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Actress Demi Moore attended Princess Eugenie’s wedding too, and the actress is apparently close with both Eugenie and her mother Sarah.

Demi is not Eugenie’s only actor friend. Lord of the Rings actor Liv Tyler is also a pal.

Nick went on: “You’ve got to remember Fergie has spent a lot of her life travelling around the world and has quite a lot relationships and friendships with people are from Hollywood. So I don’t think that’s unusual for Eugenie, being friends with people like the Bransons.

“What’s great about some of the lesser known royals is they’ve got lots of big Hollywood celebrity friends and lots of people don’t really know.

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“They’re allowed to have fun and party with them, unlike the royals in the public eye, who have duties.”

Nick has predicted Eugenie’s move to LA will “will only be a good thing for the royals.”

He said: “Having them over there is going to be fantastic. Prince Harry is great friends with them, and Megan is as well. I think that the sightings of Eugenie will be great.

“It will only be a good thing for all family and it will also be a great thing for Harry and Meghan as well.”

It was reported a friend of Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank claimed the royal’s controversial cousin Prince Harry is sending them homes close to their own to look at.

Other reports suggested Eugenie and Jack were looking at rental properties in the upmarket neighbourhood of West Hollywood.

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