A recovered drug addict has spent $1million (around £776,000) on plastic surgery after first going under the knife when she was 19.

Klara Lima, 31, has had three Brazilian butt-lifts and four breast enhancements.

The raven-haired bombshell, originally from the Czech Republic, used to battle eating disorders and used cocaine to stave off hunger.

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Thankfully, she’s now overcome her demons – but it was a long road to get there.

Klara’s struggles in life started when she was in school. While her parents were well off thanks to her engineering father founding a successful air conditioning company, she was severely bullied by other students.

Things got even worse when she lost both her parents in a plane crash when she was only 17.

After the accident, Klara inherited her parents' fortune – but she also picked up bad habits and her health declined.

She proved why it can be so dangerous to give a lot of money to a young person without any guardians to monitor how they spend it.

As well as developing anorexia and bulimia, this is when her drug addiction started.

According to Daily Mail, she previously explained: “I would do cocaine, not to be hungry.

“I was doing from one to five grams a day. I was smoking two packets of cigarettes a day. I was drinking booze. I ate fast food. I completely gave up on my life.

“The self-protection instinct worked well because when I actually see something is not working for me anymore, I just give it up. I just leave it."

Following a particularly terrifying drug-fuelled incident in Mexico, during which Klara feared she would die, she started to make significant adjustments in her life.

After undergoing her first plastic surgery procedure – beginning with a breast lift and breast implants – she also lost the weight she had gained due to her bulimia.

For a businesswoman and artist like Klara, having a rigorous and expensive self-care routine is essential, and she describes her journey with plastic surgery “an artistic expression”.

“I’ve always enjoyed the artistry and experimenting with my look,” she told Truly.

“In total, I have had eight body surgeries but when it comes to my face I don’t remember everything that I’ve had done.”

As well as spending money on the butt-lifts and breast enhancements, Klara has paid for Botox and a variety of facial fillers.

She currently has 800cc (34G) breasts, which she says is as large as she plans to go at this stage in her life.

Behind her glitzy Miami lifestyle, Klara says there is so much more that people don't always get to see.

"Living my lifestyle, people always imagine things," she said.

"But actually it's a lot of self-development. It's a lot of hard work. It's a lot of discipline. And it's also a lot of determination.

“I like to transform. I like to be better. I didn't want to look like an average European girl or even a beautiful European girl. I wanted to look like the way I look right now.”

Her life now is miles away from where it once was.

Klara said investing her inheritance in herself was the best decision she could have made as she now has a new lease on life.


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