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Everybody loves pizza, but most of us have a major preference when it comes to the restaurant we love the most.

For some, the best pizza has to come from Pizza Hut (and who doesn’t love a buffet?).

But, an alleged ex-restaurant worker claims to have spent time behind-the-scenes at the American chain – and he said he will never eat there again. Yikes!

The bloke claimed to have worked in a store in the US on Reddit, but said he “hates” the company after working in “every position” – although it is Reddit so his employment is not confirmed.

One reason given was that he constantly stank of "sweat, smoke, and pepperoni” – and he added that it "doesn't wash off."

But, he also said: "Pizza Hut is a company that doesn't care about its employees".

And, he said he will never be a customer again, reports the Sun.

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In his “tell all” the worker – who allegedly stopped being employed at the Hut over 10 years ago – said that the staff sometimes burnt pizzas on purpose when people didn't tip.

He commented: “If you don't tip, you are the scum of the Earth, in my opinion, and I remember you.”

Plus, he added that if you don’t tip and order home delivery "you'll get your pizza last on my runs even if you ordered first."

A poster asked the ex-worker if he’d ever seen any vermin in the kitchens.

The man said: “All the time. You have to understand, it's impossible to stop.

“Think about trying to keep all of the bugs out of your house.

“Now think about how much worse it would be in a place that keeps food out to attract them."

And, he claimed to have “seen a mouse in store once”, but he’d never spotted a rat. Phew!

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But, he also told people not to order anything from the "WingStreet menu" because the "stations are messed up and there are bound to be tons of safe food handling violations”.

And, he commented that the "diced tomato and chicken toppings were disgusting."

Plus, he noted: "None of the big pizza chains make their dough fresh in the store. At pizza hut, the dough comes frozen in boxes."

But, he did have one tip for foodies and said: "The pizza coming straight out of the oven is too hot to really taste, in my opinion.

“So it seems like a bit of a waste.

"Let the pizza sit for about five minutes with the pizza box open (very important, it helps the steam escape and cool off the pizza correctly), then enjoy."

The Daily Star contacted Pizza Hut for comment.

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