Expert claims to spot moment William treats Kate like a ‘naughty child’

Prince William tells Kate ‘chop, chop’ at Jordanian wedding

On June 1, Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales attended the wedding of Crown Prince Al Hussein and Princess Rajwa Al Hussein.

But according to body language expert Judi James, there was a strange moment between Kate and William at the nuptials where William came off as “impatient”.

The expert commented on a video of William supposedly encouraging Kate to hurry up during her conversation with the bride.

Judi claimed: “This is not one of his finest moments when it comes to either body language or words.”

She suggested: “While he has clearly moved on from the meet and greet with the bride and groom, Kate stands talking to the bride in an animated and very friendly way.

“She is not causing a ‘log jam’ but holding up the queue and the next guests are still talking to the groom, so there appears to be no logical reason for William to hurry his wife along, especially as she only adds a few seconds to the conversation.

“Whether he says ‘chop chop’ his hand gesture alone is bad enough, with a winding gesture that would normally imply that time is running out.”

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According to the expert, Kate behaved appropriately despite her husband’s supposedly impatient body language, “thankfully ignoring him and carrying on talking”.

“But it has to be said that his behaviour is overly dominant here, with his critical parent behaviour putting her firmly in the implied role of naughty child.”

Judi suggested that the Prince could have gotten his point across in a much more neutral way.

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She claimed: “William will have had more elegant options that would not have sounded or looked so rude.

“He could have walked back to stand beside his wife and used a subtle tie sign, like a small pat of the waist or back.

“Most couples have subtle rituals that they use to communicate silently in public that don’t entail any obvious impatience and the Wales’s are normally very adept at these techniques.”

Judi James is a leading communication and body language expert. She has appeared on BBC News, Sky News, CNN and ITV’s This Morning, among others, and has written several non-fiction books including The Body Language Bible.

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