Fans of Netflix’s You think they know who Joe’s brother is

Season three of You recently dropped on Netflix, and fans are stuck to their screens as they get their next fix of the psychological thriller.

The third instalment of the hit series continues to follow the twisted love story of Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn, portrayed by Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti.

The couple are back with newborn son Henry, and having moved to a quiet community called Madre Linda, are attempting to live a 'normal' family life.

Fans of the hit series know that Joe and Love's new family life won't last long, with their intense relationship threatening to come crashing down at any second, not to mention both of their murderous tendencies.

As Joe continues to struggle with being a new parent, we begin to get to know him better as his childhood is relived throughout various episodes in the new series.

In the final episode of the season, a flashback scene is shown where a young Joe bumps into his estranged mother in the street, who has another young child in tow.

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The boy is named Jacob and appears to be around three years old, with many fans presuming him to be Joe's half-brother.

Naturally, fans are speculating that by showing this scene the creators are hinting at a possible sibling for Joe, and there's one wild theory that's came to fruition.

Many viewers have pieced together cryptic clues shown in the new series, and have concluded that Theo Endler could potentially be Joe's long-lost half-brother.

Theo is one of the various new faces introduced in season three, and lives next-door to Joe and Love with his stepdad Matthew Engler.

Fans have pointed out that Theo is specifically introduced as Matthew's step-son, and no information about his biological mum is given throughout the series.

Theo was spared death in the final episode, with Joe having a surprising change of heart and saving the teen – but many fans think this is an indication of what's to come.

Speculation about the possible biological link between Joe and Theo has been rife on Reddit, with one person writing: "They kept Theo alive for a reason and showed Joe's half-brother for the first time, no?

"Maybe him and his step dad get involved with the FBI next season and try to solve this mystery and stuff and find out about them being brothers? Can they be brothers?"

Another fan responded, saying: "Certainly possible. I don't recall Joe's age being mentioned anywhere, so with Theo being 19 the ages could work out if we assume Joe is in early 30s."

Others continued to the fuel the theory, writing how Joe and Theo have similar looks, while some viewers remained sceptical about the prospect of them being siblings.

Following Love and Theo's secret love affair in the new series, the wild theory could prompt some huge storylines in season four if proven to be true…

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