Farm girls fans gush over outfits as she shares reality of country life

A young woman working on a farm showed her glamourous outfits online to defy the stereotypes of farmers.

Parthena Rose often posts her life updates on TikTok inlcuding the time she spent helping out on her family's farm in Yorkshire.

Her day-to-day tasks can include working in the stables to take care of her horses as well as driving a tractor on the country roads.

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"I am not spoilt, I am just a farmer's granddaughter," she said in one video.

"I don't have an attitude, I just say it how it is."

But viewers were distracted when they noticed her chic clothes.

In another clip, she puts on a slim fit white polo shirt and a pair of skinny jeans with her hair up in a pony tail.

Parthena wrote in the video caption: "In love with this outfit."

When she went horse riding, she wore a green tweed jacket, a fitted shirt and brown riding boots.

She also added: "My 'space space' is when I'm controlling a 1200+lbs animal with my lower leg and pinky finger, that could instantly kill me."

Fans jokingly warned the "agri lads" to stay focused, with one saying: "I can't tell if you're British or American. You are so gorgous by the way."

"Stunning girl," a second commented and a third wrote: "She's so pretty, oh my days."

Elsewhere in US, a young woman claimed she made millions by posting her farming content on subsrciption-based platform OnlyFans.

Emma Claire made fame from her saucy videos including one of her showing what she wears under an oversized hoodie.

"Ever wonder what I wear under my Carhartt hoodie during harvest?" she asked, then she pulled up the top to reveal her blue plunging bra.

She pocketed £7m in two years from OnlyFans and by the age of 27, she bought an entire farm without any inheritance.


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