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The De’Longhi Ideal Fry Hot Air Fryer is a low-oil air fryer and multicooker that helps you cook healthy, nutrient-dense meals for the whole family. And we mean the whole family. Unlike some of the cheaper models on the market, this air fryers large capacity allows you to cook six portions at once.

Usually retailing for £138.03, you can currently buy this extra-large air fryer with an extra-large discount – 30 percent to be exact, which saves you £42, which brings the cost down to £95.99.

Buy: Amazon (£95.99)

The ability of this air fryer to use little to no oil to cook your food means you’re eating meals with up to 80 percent less fat than those cooked in a deep fryer. But the food still comes out crispy and delicious.

One loyal chip fan that was sceptical about how well an air fryer could really cook their favourite food was pleasantly surprised.

They said: “I love chips, but I am the first to admit they are not really a health food, so the idea of a low-fat fryer and chip maker was intriguing.

“But I was sceptical – part of the appeal of chips is that they are deep-fried, so how can a low-fat fryer satisfy?

“I am surprised and pleased to tell you that the FH2133 fryer makes great chips”.

Buy: Amazon (£95.99)

And while this air fryer does undoubtedly make chips well, this isn’t the only food it excels at.

One reviewer was very happy with the array of foods they could make with this device, saying: “I am not a cook. I bought this machine for the reason suggested by the heading; healthier chips.

“I love an occasional meal of fried potatoes but, have worked hard to lose a spare tyre and do not wish to put it back.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the range of food that can be prepared in this machine – and at how easy it is to use. I have prepared everything from stir fry to cake!”.

Another reviewer who had been using the air fryer as part of their everyday cooking routine for an extended period said: “I’ve been using an air fryer for about a year now and it’s definitely my favourite kitchen gadget”.

You can buy the De’Longhi Ideal Fry Hot Air Fryer while it’s still on sale here.

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