Gym-obsessed gran Lesley Maxwell has stripped off after opening up about her Covid-19 battle.

The social media star, who boasts 74,500 followers on Instagram, took to the site at the weekend to inform fans she had Covid.

However, she said her 'strong warrior body' helped her get through it.

Lesley, 63, was seen showing off her toned figure in a teeny leopard print bikini.

She was seen posing in the swimwear, which she matched with immaculate makeup and straightened locks.

Captioning the post, Lesley, from Australia, wrote: "Thank you to my strong warrior body for helping me get through Covid 19 this week.

"I’ve been keeping it to myself and haven’t shared with you all but I tested positive to covid earlier this week.

"The first couple of days were flu like symptoms but thank God I’m on the mend.

"I took Ivermectin plus VitaminC and D with zinc. Quercitin complex and Glutathione and helped symptoms with cold and flu tablets.

"And here I am right now …photo unedited. A healthy strong body will give you every chance."

Fans were quick to give Lesley their well-wishes at the time, as one wrote: "Great to hear you are well beautiful. Fit and healthy."

While another added: "Pleased to hear you're on the mend."

A third chimed in: "Get better soon hun!

And just a few days later, it seemed like Lesley was feeling even better, as she told fans she had been back exercising.

As she posed in red gym wear, she told her followers: "Getting back into training with light weights plus bodyweight exercises and stretches.

"Today’s workout was chest press – chest flyes – push ups – Plie squats- lunges – deadlifts and a few stretches.

"At the end of the day it’s all about our health- and I’m sure we all agree a strong body is our best asset. And we all can have one by eating nourishing food and lifting a few weights. Yay!"

Lesley also posted a sultry selfie on Wednesday (December 29th) this week in a nude-coloured sports bra as she told fans she was nearly done with her quarantine.

She wrote: "Only a few more hours and I’ll be out of quarantine. Yaay!

"I’ll definitely be hitting the beach tomorrow for some fresh air, sunshine and a dip in the sea which I’ve missed so much. Hope you’re feeling happy, healthy and doing what you love."

The posts come after Lesley recently shared how she stays in such great shape as she admitted she often attracts suitors as young as 18-years-old.

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