Five driving laws coming in May – from Highway Code changes to council powers

New motoring laws are coming for May.

Drivers could be hit with hefty fines and penalty points if they don't follow the rules.

The changes include electric car parking fines, more clean air zones and tweaks to the Highway Code.

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Also 12 councils in the UK have been handed traffic powers which could also come into force this month.

New measures are being introduced to help protect younger drivers behind the wheels too.

It's important to familiarise yourself with the new regulations as you could get into trouble if you don't.

Now here are a number of changes coming this month, as reported by Chronicle Live.

Fuel tanker consultation

The Government is consulting to allow fuel tankers to carry more fuel, with the 44-tonne weight limit in place.

It was launched in response to the fuel crisis of 2022.

The consultation will run until May 17, with the Department for Transport (DfT) accepting feedback until 11.45pm.

New council powers

About 12 councils in the UK are being handed traffic powers to fine drivers for offences.

In May, Surrey Council will monitor yellow box junctions, potentially handing out fines of up to £70 for offenders.

Reading and Hampshire council will also receive similar powers come "spring 2023".

Meanwhile Derby City, Buckinghamshire and Norfolk council have each received powers of their own.

Highway Code changes

The Highway Code is always changing its regulations.

Changes include drivers using their phones who would receive a fine of up to £200 and six points on their licence.

Not it is completely illegal for those who are driving to hold or use their phones, sat navs, tablets or any devices.

Also drivers who run out of fuel and obstruct traffic were warned of a £100 fine and points on their licence.

Electric car owners also risk being caught out if their battery runs flat and they block a road.

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Young drivers

Drivers under the age of 25 may soon be stopped from carrying passengers of the same age limit.

The proposed move would see a "graduated driving licence", restricting fresh-faced motorists from certain activities.

Further talks with regards to the plan are set to be debated by Transport Minister Richard Holden on May 16.

ZEV mandate

The Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate is set to promote the uptake of electric vehicles.

It will ensure manufacturers meet strict targets to build new EVs before the petrol and diesel new car ban of 2030.

A consultation was launched back in March to explore possibilities into how the mandate will work.

The consultation for the mandate's final design, as well as the CO2 emissions regulation will close May 24 at 11.45pm.

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