Tesco reveal plans to reduce their food waste by 50%

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Food waste in July was on par with pre-pandemic levels at nearly 20 percent, with three in 10 people falling into the category of “high food waste” – up from two in 10 in April last year. The charity Wrap said 70 percent of UK food waste comes from households, equivalent to a value of over £14billion a year and 20 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Half of Britons waste food because they fail to eat fresh produce quickly, a poll released yesterday has revealed.

Shoppers overbuying fresh food in supermarkets is the reason for the majority of food wastage, research by meal plan delivery service KBK suggested yesterday.

At least 80 percent of food ending up in households’ caddies are made up of fruit and vegetables.

KBK’s spokeswoman said: “In spite of a huge rise in awareness of the impact of food production and waste on the ever growing threat of climate change, the UK is still falling behind in sustainability responsibilities.”

Newcastle topped the survey as being the city which wastes the most food, as one in four said they waste food ”all the time or frequently”.

Bristol was crowned the “greenest city” with no one surveyed admitting they waste food on a regular basis.

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