CLOCKS will be rolling back this weekend, giving us an extra hour along with lighter mornings and darker evenings.

Every year, the clocks go back an hour in the early hours of the last Sunday in October, before going forward again in March.

In the UK the clocks go forward by one hour hour at 1am on the last Sunday in March.

They're set back by an hour at 2am on the last Sunday in October – meaning they'll change this weekend.

The period when the clocks are an hour ahead is called British Summer Time (BST).

That means there's more daylight in the evenings and less in the mornings, and it's sometimes called Daylight Saving Time.

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When the clocks go back, the UK returns to Greenwich Mean Time.

Even though we're used to these changes happening, there are things you should remember to do at home when the clocks go back.

Change alarm clocks

When the clocks go back, you should make sure you change your alarm clocks

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Most smartphones and televisions will automatically update, but if you have any analogue clocks you'll need to change them yourself.

That applies to alarm clocks – because you don't want to be woken up at the wrong time – but could also include your oven or car, for example.

Put the heating on?

It might be time to put the heating on now as temperatures get cooler.

The day the clocks change is said to be the right time to crank up the radiators.

But if you are thinking about putting the heating on, there are things you can do to keep costs lower.

For example, some people believe it's more cost effective to keep the heating on low all day – but it's proven that this actually costs more.

It's also a myth that it costs less to use an electric heater. You're better off just turning off all your radiators except the one in the room you're using.

Check your timers

If you've already got the heating on this autumn, you might need to update your timer.

Otherwise you could find the heating comes on and off at the wrong time of the day – which will be a waste of money.

Take stock

Some people use the changing of the clocks as a reminder to do household tasks that they might otherwise forget or delay.

That means you'll be able to check those long term chores off your list at least twice a year.

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