MOTORISTS have been noticing a welcome fall in fuel costs since its record-breaking high during summer 2022.

The RAC Foundation said the cost of unleaded dropped to 148.98p on February 2, having peaked at 191.23p in July.

Meanwhile, diesel was selling for 170.38p a litre down from 198.93p in July.

It's worth bearing in mind that these are average prices – what you pay at the pump won't necessarily reflect RAC's figures.

Whilst it might seem like the figures are good news, the cost of fuel is still over 20p more per litre on average compared to June 2020.

So you will want to be looking for ways to save money next time you're out filling up.


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You can use price comparison sites to do this – they'll show you the forecourts selling the cheapest petrol or diesel.

Plus, it's always worth looking out for supermarket deals as they can shave some extra cash off your bill.

Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrisons all offer customers deals to tempt them in.

How do price comparison sites work?

There are price comparison sites for everything from insurance to food.

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When it comes to fuel, there's a number you can use to pick up the cheapest prices.

Websites like will list the cheapest filling stations in your area.

You need to register with the site, enter your postcode and tell it how far you're willing to travel for fuel (up to 20 miles) and what fuel type you're after.

We checked on to find out where the cheapest fuel was across a number of locations today, February 3.

The prices we found were at petrol stations within a five-mile radius of the most central parts of each area.

It's worth noting, the prices don't update everyday so the prices won't always be completely accurate.

But they help give you a rough idea of where prices are at.


Croydon is a large town in South London so there are plenty of petrol stations to choose from.

The cheapest forecourt, as of February 1, for unleaded petrol was the Asda Wallington Automat, where it was 148.7p a litre.

For diesel, it was either the Sainsbury's stations in Crystal Palace or Merton, where it was 167.9p per litre as of February 2.


The cheapest litre of unleaded petrol in Leicester was at the CostcoAutomat – it was 140.9p a litre there as of February 1.

The cheapest litre of diesel was at the same forecourt – it was 160.9p a litre there on February 1.

One big catch is that you'll need a Costco membership if you want to pick up your petrol from there though.


Brighton, on the south coast, has plenty of petrol stations to pick from.

The cheapest litre of unleaded petrol per litre there was at the Asda Marina forecourt where it was 149.7p as of February 1.

Meanwhile, the cheapest litre of diesel on the same date was at the Asda Marina where it was selling for 164.7p a litre.


Costco was the cheapest place to get unleaded in Manchester – it was 137.9p a litre there as of February 1.

You could get the cheapest litre of diesel at the same station – it was 156.9p per litre there as of January 28.

How to check fuel prices near me?

Beyond using, there are other websites you can use to check the cost of fuel in your area.

Fleet News and Allstar also lets you to check petrol prices across the counties so you can see how your region compares to the UK average.

Comparison website also has a petrol prices checker that lets registered users find petrol prices within a five, ten or 25mile radius. is useful, and offers customers unlimited searches on its mobile app.

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