Furious diners who have visited Salt Bae's pricey London restaurant has slammed the "overhyped" eatery and said it's £850 steak is "like a kebab shop".

Turkish-born internet icon Nusret Gökçe has hit headlines recently for the extortionate prices at his upmarket Knightsbridge restaurant.

This includes £850 for his gold-coated steak and £100 for a burger.

However, brutal reviews of Nusr-et have questioned its value for money, with one diner saying the prices are "overhyped" and its food is "inferior".

The Tripadviser reviewer urged not to visit the eatery and likened it to a "kebab shop".

He wrote: "I thought this was a joke… unfortunately, it’s not! Inferior food and massively overhyped prices.

"The steaks were barely edible, and the prices bring water to the eyes.

"I’ve had better kebabs in Knightsbridge for under £7.00. The whole experience was shocking."

Another reviewer labelled the menu "overpriced TikTok food".

They wrote: "We've had far better steaks at all the other top steak houses in London and for a fraction of the price.

"You pretty much pay so you can show off on Instagram or TikTok. So glad I didn't foot the bill.

"My director was absolutely appalled at the prices and said he would never step foot in a Nusr-et ever again."

Despite the negative feedback, others spoke of their positive experiences at the restaurant, as one happy customer called the steak "to die for".

They wrote: "I went to this restaurant for a family celebration and found it was the perfect place.

"The food was perfect and plentiful – steak to die for and baklava with ice cream in the middle, that melted in the mouth.

"The restaurant was clean and classy with spotless kitchens. The staff were professional and attentive."

They added: "Yes, it was expensive but worth every single penny!"

Daily Star has contacted the restaurant for comment.

The reviews comes after one set diners revealed they racked up a massive £37,000 bill at the restaurant earlier this week.

The foodies blew a huge £850 on a golden tomahawk steak, £400 on 16 baklavas (a type of pastry dessert) and £30 on three potions of fries.

They also spent a ton of money on vegetable dishes including £12 for sautéed mushrooms, £14 on broccoli, £18 on Asparagus and £12 on mashed spuds.

However, it was the booze that cost them the price of a small house deposit.

Not happy with a few glasses of the house red they decided to buy a 1996 Petrus which cost a cool £9,100.

Then they added in two bottles of the Petrus 2003, which set them back a huge £19.900.

On top of that, they also had a 2006 Dom Perignon rosé for just £1,620.

In total, the table spent £30,620 on alcohol.

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