Gen Z TikToker roasts millennials over their dated and ’embarrassing’ Instagram feeds – as she dishes out advice for improving your ‘aesthetic’

  • A Gen Z TikToker has gone viral after slamming millennials over ‘dated’ feeds
  • The American, called Nicole, said millennials at work regularly compliment her
  • Tips include avoid horizontal content, ditch slanted text and never use filters 
  • Nicole said it’s a better idea to ‘ghost tag’ your friends and keep videos short

A Gen Z TikToker has gone viral after slamming millennials over their ‘dated’ and ’embarrassing’ Instagram feeds, and shared her top five tips to make your feed ‘less millennial’.

The American, who is called Nicole but goes by the name ChanningsTatum on TikTok, said she works with lots of millennials who regularly compliment her on her Instagram feed.

And there are a few key things the older generation born between 1981 and 1996 religiously gets wrong.

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A Gen Z TikToker has gone viral after slamming millennials over their ‘dated’ Instagram feeds and sharing her top five tips to make your feed ‘less millennial’ (Nicole pictured)

‘I work with a lot of millennials at my work and I’m sort of the resident Gen Z,’ Nicole said in a TikTok video that has been viewed more than three million times.

‘They make fun of me for it constantly, but they always compliment my Instagram Stories. 

She added: ‘I don’t think they’re that aesthetic, I just think I’m Gen Z and I know how to use Instagram.’

Nicole shared her top five tips for millennials on how to make their Instagram stories feel ‘less millennial’.

dear millenials, we just want what’s best for you <3 #igaesthetic #igtips

1. Always post vertical content

Nicole’s first ‘golden rule’ was that you should only ever post ‘vertical content’ on Instagram.

‘Nothing drives me crazier than seeing a horizontal picture like this,’ she said as she shared an Instagram story framed by a black background.

‘The borders! This is so unnecessary. Immediate no.’

Nicole added that if you’re posting a video, it needs to be under 10 seconds, while if you’re posting a photo, opt for the 0.5 zoom ‘every time’.

Nicole’s first ‘golden rule’ was that you should only ever post ‘vertical content’ on Instagram, and you also need to avoid slanted font when posting (pictured)

2. Serif font needs to be your go-to

The Gen Zer’s second rule was that Serif font needs to be your new go-to, so no more bold, neon or Comic Sans lettering.

‘If you are using this font, you are a millennial and this is your sign to stop,’ Nicole said over a video of wide slanted lettering.

Instead, opt for the simple, inoffensive Serif typewriter style. 

3. Do not slant your text

Similarly, Nicole said you should never ‘slant your text’ so it’s diagonal over a picture.

‘The number of times I’ve seen text like this so it’s slanted or not aligned properly just drives me insane,’ she said.

‘I made just one tiny edit to the text on this picture and it already looks so much better.’


Are you guilty of these ‘millennial’ Instagram Story habits?

Are you guilty of these ‘millennial’ Instagram Story habits?

Now share your opinion

4. Never use filters

For a time, Instagram filters including Mayfair, Lark and Buenos Aires were all the rage. 

But Nicole said nothing outs you more as a millennial than using them in 2022.

‘This is a dead millennial giveaway,’ she said. 

‘I don’t want to see Mayfair, I don’t want to see Valencia, I don’t want to see Gingham. These are all names for a white family to give their daughter, not filters for you to be using on your Stories.’

5. Ghost tag your friends

Finally, the Gen Zer said if you want your Instagram Stories to look instantly better, you need to ‘ghost tag’ your friends.

‘I get it. We all want to tag our friends so they can re-post our stories. But just tag your friend and then drag the tag off-screen so you can’t see it in the Story anymore,’ Nicole said.

Sshe added that you can use emojis in your Instagram posts and Stories, but just ‘don’t be weird about it’.

‘To all my millennials out there, we love you, we’re just looking out for you,’ Nicole concluded. 

Thousands who saw Nicole’s video were quick to criticise the Gen Zer and her advice.

‘Thank you for teaching us how to use the app that our generation created and thus changed the digital landscape with. We appreciate it tadpole,’ one commenter posted.

‘Instagram is millennial,’ another laughed.

But others appreciated her points and said they felt ‘bettered’ by her tips.

‘Lmao as a millennial I’m dying. I definitely still use the wrong font,’ one wrote.

‘Literally taking notes,’ another added. 

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