Geocaching: the global treasure hunt finding new fans on TikTok

You either know exactly what we’re talking about, or you’ve never heard the world ‘geocach’ in your life.

But for those not in the know, let us enlighten you.

To put it simply, geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt. According to the National Trust, a geocache is ‘a small waterproof treasure box hidden outdoors’, and the aim of the game is, of course, to find them.

Hidden by a fellow geocacher, inside each box, you’ll usually find a logbook to leave a message in. You might also happen upon a few trinkets that people have left behind.

The first geocache was hidden in Oregon, USA, in May 2000, and now there are three million active geocaches around the world.

They’re pretty much everywhere – from remote villages, and windswept cliffs, to busy beaches and city centres. They can be found in a staggering 191 countries and on all seven continent – yep, even Antarctica.

Replying to @Kingdom DJs once you start you can’t stop #uktravel

And now, this global treasure hunt is being introduced to new would-be treasure hunters thanks to TikTok.

Seasoned geochachers are giving curious viewers the low-down on this wholesome activity – which is sure to gain more fans as we (finally) head into spring.

One video, in which TikToker Bex @northernblondeabroad finds a geocache in a road sign, has been viewed 2.3million times.

‘You will walk past hundreds of geochaches every single day, and not even know it,’ explains Bex in another video.

‘The rules of geocaching are simple. All you need to do is make sure you put it back how you found it, sign the log sheet, and if you take anything out of a geocache, make sure you swap it for something else.’

Commenters couldn’t believe they were only just hearing about this two-decade long hunt. ‘How have I only just heard about this?’ asked one, while another said, ‘I live in the UK and never even heard of it.’ A third quite rightly dubbed it, ‘the OG Pokémon Go’.

Bex goes on to show us geocaches disguised as rocks and hidden in tree stumps.

No idea where to start? There’s an app for that.

Download the Geocaching app and pick the one you want to find – you’ll be given the coordinates, and then it’s up to you to hunt it down.

It’s not meant to be an easy find – where would be the fun in that? So you’ll have to think outside the box to find that treasure.

It’s giving wholesome, Sunday afternoon vibes. We’re off to lace up our hiking boots…

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